i think i am going to get a speedy! which one?


what speedy should i get?

  1. damier 25

  2. damier 30

  3. mono 25

  4. mono 30

  5. mono 35

  6. none of these.. they wouldnt fit me..

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  1. im going to get a speedy in a few months (grr... this is lonnger than christmas!! and AFTER the price hike:wtf: )

    and i dont know what color, or what size to get!
    either damier, or monogram
    and sizes from 25 to 35
    35 seems like the best deal though...

    i am 5'9 and 110 pounds (no i am NOT anorexic...)

    would a bigger bag look good on such a tiny person?
    because i ADORE the 35.. but it may look like it is engulfing me.

    but i dont really like the shape of the 25....but pricewise... it may be better..

    the 30 just seems like such a bad deal... and if the 35 looks pretty much the same on me...i would get that..

    i dont really have time to try them on in the boutique. i might even get them from elux...
  2. i think get the 35! its a good size! i have the 35 and im 5'7 and 100 pounds and it looked better then the other sizes on me.
  3. Either the 25 or the 30, would be best, IMO, but definitely Damier.
  4. ^^^ reallly??
    its not too huge??
  5. I voted for Mono 30!
  6. i have the Damier 25, and i love it. it's the perfect size for me; i'm 5'4" at 110lbs, and anything bigger would be too big on me
  7. I think a 25 will look good on me. But considering you're 5 inches taller than me, I suppose a 30 will work better for you.
    I like mono more than damier in 30. But I like damier over mono in 25.
  8. I voted for the damier 25, somehow i think the damier looks much cuter in 25 than 30. Plus you are tall & thin, the 25 will look perfect on you!
  9. Damier 30! The size will complement your height.
  10. Just got my Damier 25 for Christmas and I love it.
  11. grrrr. ok. so i think im getting damier......
    but i still ilkt the mono! i need some more input!
  12. MONO!!! I like is SOOO much better than damier!! You HAVE to get a mono speedy 25 or 30. The 35 is so big in my opinion - I can't imagine going grocery shopping with that thing. Ok now damier lovers and 35 lovers are going to hate me. I think you really want a mono and I think the 30 would be perfect for you.
  13. i'd say damier 30.. i just saw one yesterday and i fell in:heart: with it.. i'm planning to get mine too before the hike...
  14. damier 25 ...more special and less faked than all the freaking fake mono speedys i see everywhere ughh i cant take it anymore !
  15. Mono 35 for your height and weight you can rock this size.