I think I am going to die ...

  1. Some how during the move from HK to NY, the miroir pouchette was squished between other bags (i packed them myself only to find out the movers repacked everything) ... well the strap got 'stuck' to the back and now there is a permanent mark .... what do I do??
  2. :wtf: Oh no... wonder if LV would be able to assist you at all?
  3. Oh No! I'm sorry your bag got shmooshed! I can't help, just wanted to offer condolences & hope for a PFer who can give advice.
  4. Can you file a claim with the moving company's insurance?
  5. Well I am going to bring it to LV in NY tomorrow and cry ... then I am filing a claim but I am never going to get that bag again ... it is not the money i want .... where am I going to find a miroir pouchette now??
  6. i am SO sorry this happened! maybe you can take it to LV and see if you can have it repaired
  7. I'm sorry to hear about this...if you get money from the moving company you might be able to find a new one on eBay.
  8. oh no!! :sad: i definitely think you should contact the movers and see what they will say, you deserve some compensation for this!! and if they don't do anything, hopefully LV will.

    i absolutely hate movers, my mom just recently found out that our movers stole $1000+ cash (it was emergency movie that she had just in case) that my mom hid in one of her suitcases and some jewelry as well :cursing:
  9. If it helps, I know there are miroir pouchettes avail, I've gotten calls from several stores recently.
  10. wow - maybe even take it to visit and old-fashioned show maker/repair place, they may have some ideas.
  11. oops sorry to hear that.. :sad:
  12. take it to lv anyways, have them locate one for you, and then if you cant get a new one... replace it!
    all people here should be forewarned that their miroirs are very susceptible to marks like that!!!
  13. File a claim with the mover's and get a new one from LV with the money. The ones on eBay is higher than the RRP.
  14. :sad: That totally stinks!
    I really hope it gets fixed.
  15. I don't think it's fixable..I hope they'll cover it and help you get a new one though. I'm sorry! :sad: