I think I am going to be in trouble

  1. I sold a phone on eBay on the 15th December.
    The lady paid for it on the 18th.
    I posted it on special delivery the next day.
    Today I have received an email from the lady saying that she has not received the phone.
    What is most unfortunate for me is that I have lost the royal mail receipt.
    So I guess there is no proof of me posting it (feeling very stupid about this).
    On the special delivery stickers there is the senders address so if it really did not reach the destination, wouldn't royal mail send the phone back to me?
    Is there anything I can do?
    is this a possible scam where she has received the item and is calling my bluff to get her money back also?
    Do i give the benefit of the doubt and just refund the money?
    If you were me, what would you do?
  2. the post office keep a copy of the sticker - thats what they place in their book at their end. Go back to the post office and if you can remember how much you paid for it and the day you sent it they should be able to narrow it down to certain numbers.
  3. good luck and let us know how you got on
  4. This actually just happened to me! I had an auction end on 12-3, sent the item on 12-8 and got an email from the buyer yesterday stating that they have not received the item. Thankfully, I always get delivery confirmation and I saved the slip...I responded to the buyer that the item was delivered on 12-12 at 6:42 AM...never heard back from them.
  5. Did she pay w/ Paypal?
    If not, there's really nothing she can do.
  6. Paypal requires proof of post. So you are in trouble if she paid by paypal. Sorry. :sad: Go find that receipt! When and where did you last have it???
  7. I have recently had an experience but on the 'other side' (see my thread entitled 'lying in feedback'). It is spookily close in facts except the dates don't match. Also, 'my' seller has had a lot more than one email from me asking when the phone is likely to arrive and for the tracking information.

    I think it is good practice to send buyers the tracking information as soon as you have posted the item - easy to say I know in a busy day, but I think it prevents difficulties. Also, never throw the receipt away! As others have said the post office you went to will have the information you need. As someone who has lost a lot of money, had a tearful daughter without her main Christmas present and is spending silly amounts of time trying to sort this out, I confess the effort of finding a postal reference number seems more than worthwhile to me!
  8. I too would contact the post office. When I used to sell on a local auction site (not eBay) I once had a package go missing because the buyer gave me a false address, and I called the post office to report the package missing (I had to tell them when and where it was mailed, etc) and a few weeks later it was returned to me.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  9. Ok thanks very much for your help.
    I am going to the post office tomorrow to see if they can help me.
  10. I always make it a point to email my buyers with the tracking number, so that I know that they are aware of it and I can still look back at my emails as reference.
  11. I keep all my slips way back months...just in case there is a chargeback or something
  12. Me too - without fail. It seems courteous to them and protective for me in the event of any subsequent problems.
  13. I have checked at the post office.
    according to them they do not keep a copy of the sticker.
    just a barcode.
    Which can only be found if I had the sticker.

    There is now a chargeback happening on my paypal account.

    I feel very stupid right about now.

  14. can they not even go back to the day you were in and if you remember the amount give you the number that ties in with that? I reckon thats what they have done in the past. Gosh what a nightmare for you.
  15. Do you still have the receipt?? I think it shows in the receipt the code for your delivery conf#

    Good luck..