I think I am going crazy..

  1. Hi everyone! I was so excited today when the fedex man came with my violet city rh. However, I wasn't as excited after opening the box for some reason. The bag I received has more red undertones and I would even go as far to call the color 'plum'. Now I know plum is a shade of purple, but it's not what I was expecting (even after seeing everyone's photos on here). Does anyone think it will darken with age? :cry: See for yourself:
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG
  2. At second glance, the color is hard to photograph. I dunno, my bag just seems 'plumish'. I think I have stared at it too long and am going crazy...maybe it's over-anticipation?
  3. Wait overnight, get up, have coffee, get dressed, feel relaxed, theeeen, take out the bag and look at it new. Go with your instinct- you may just not love the color- it happens, looks good online or in the store, bleh at home. Don't keep it if you are not in love with it! New bags come every few months. :supacool::yes:
  4. Just judging from the pics, your bag doesn't seem to have the luster like some of the other violet bbags I've been seeing here but it could be the lighting and camera differences. How does the leather feel?
  5. If you weren't in love, send it back :yes: It's too much money to spend on something you aren't thrilled with.

    And I doubt it will darken with age. :sad:

  6. The leather feels great! It is quite nice, almost like my '05 black city (not the feel but the look- if that makes sense. it's still kinda stiff from being new). I suppose i expected more blue undertones. :confused1:
  7. From the 3rd pic i can see the redtones ur talking abt.. Its really not like the other violets.. Maybe u can call the stores n ask for an exchange..
  8. will do. good advice. :shrugs:
  9. [​IMG]



    OMG~another fab bag:tup:

    Congrats once again! i'm drooling :drool::drool::drool: now:heart:
  10. My bag is definitely reddish too but that was my preference so I was happy. (I think that your photo 3 looks very like my colour.)

    I don't think that this will get darker with age. However it may look brighter / bluer in sunlight.

    This is all about personal preference so I think that you should give yourself the freedom to choose again if you aren't keen.
  11. It looks very pretty to me.
    But YOU have to be happy with it.
    Good luck!
  12. I love that you took a picture of a crayon ;)

    But yes that does look a lot more pink than all the other violets I've seen on here :sad:
  13. i really like it. but if your not happy...................i would ask for an exchange!
  14. BellaBoo..IMO the violet its quite different "purple" with the crayon.
    I think its more like eggplant but much more brighter.
    You know..for the first 10 times i took my bag picture, i cannot get the actual bag colour !! And i blame the camera of course..:roflmfao:
  15. I don't see the red, but I agree that she looks a bit different from the other violets we've seen. Can you have them exchange it for another violet?