I think I am finished.........

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  1. :biggrin:Filling out my RM inventory...

    Broke down and ordered a Glazed Black MAC from Codi.....

    Now, unless something really really brilliant comes up, I dont need a thing!!!!!
  2. Ha, great title! That's going to be a nice bag too.
  3. Uh huh...that's what we ALL say....and yet...here we still are....browsing the SHOPPING section...


  4. Wait until you see the tassels on that glazed black mac! She's a keeper!

    But whatever you do don't look at the links for that darned 3 zip mac...


  5. guilty.:peace:
  6. Yeah, that's what we all say... then we show up here at night, all hopped up on goofballs, and click our way into the poorhouse. :shocked:
  7. Word.

  8. you are never finished !!:graucho:
  9. I am finished too....until the next sample sale!
  10. AYAYAYAY!~

  11. d-i-t-t-o...
  12. Hey, stop spying on me through my webcam!!