I think I am beginning to realize that the Steel with GGH doesn't come in the Day :(

  1. I have called everywhere. I spoke to BalNY and Barneys and they only have it with the SGH. I don't understand why I was able to find the combo in the City and not the Day. I mean I would think they made that color combo!!! It's so gorgeous. If anyone has seen it or knows that it was made, please tell me. Thank you!
  2. have you tried NM? or the online stores? like AR or Diabro??? good luck! sorry I'm not much help!
  3. wait a minute... I think a PFer here has a black day with GGH? or am I seeing things?
  4. Do you not like the Silver Giant Hardware? I have the Plomb Brief with Silver Giant Hardware and its really stunning!
  5. I really love the Plomb with the gold giant hardware. I really actually do like the Brief now and wouldn't mind it in that color and style. I have yet to see the Plomb and silver hardware in person. I have only seen pictures. But I may like it if I see it. I just prefer the gold ;)
  6. By the way KAOKim, did you get your Brief from BalNY?
  7. I think I saw steel with GGH at Harvey Nicks in London, but I think it was a city or work... I think it looks great with the SGH, you should see it IRL, I think you'd love it!
  8. I saw plomb with GGH at Barney's....
  9. I have seen the plomb with giant siver hardware in Belgium at Louis.
    It was great FX:heart:
  10. I called Barneys a week ago and they did not have the day in steel yet. The gal I talked to, Dawnette said all of the steel bags were with GGH.She said she doubted since everything else was GGH that they would get anything at all in Steel GSH. I fthey do get the day in, would think it would be with GGH. She is at the Barneys in Chicago. May I ask where else besides BalNY did you find the steel day with SGH? TIA!