I think I am ADDICTED

  1. just got my jumbo caviar flap home. LOVES IT!!
    I am so excited over it. Its my first jumbo flap, and I never thought I would love it this much.
    Now I am considering exchanging my brooklyn bag for the reissue......:confused1:
    or maybe I will just snag the reissue 227 and put the whole thing to rest....ah I love it....
  2. Ooh congrats!! Pls post pics!!!:yes:
  3. such a great bag, congrats!
  4. Keep all if you can, they are all so different and gorgeous in their own ways...congrats!
  5. Yes, you have a serious problem, now hand me over that bag!
  6. I love flaps! Congrats!
  7. Congrats!!! I :heart::heart::heart: my flaps too...
    Why don't you keep all the bags if you can? They are all very different IMO.
  8. who am I kidding, I am keeping them all.
    just keep buying one bag at a time...
  9. Congrats! Keep all of them if you love them! and you wont regret it:yes:
  10. modeling pics please...congrats!
  11. Congrats~~Love jumbos!!!