I think I already know the answer to this, but....

  1. Got this e-mail from a prospective buyer. This is a scam right?

    "Hello and thanks for your propmt reply. I actually wannt to buy your item and make payment as fast as possible but i will appreciate it if we can both deal on transparency and honesty, you know why? In recent time, i bought an item from a seller and after he received my payment, he never ships out the item and i never heard from him again. So i will be very glad if you can render your total co-oparation on this transcation.

    My mode of payment for this item will be through US Cashiers Check or personal money order because, thats the only means of payment i have access to presently and i dont mind offering you $1250 provided you can reserve the item for me while i make payment and also, i will wait till the check clear your bank before i arrange for the shipping.

    As for the shipping, am shipping the item withing the United State because am located in Virginia, so shipping will be handled by my shipping company as soon as you verify and confirmed payment, so all i need from you is to know when you will be available at your address so that my shipping company can come and pick up the item.

    If this sounds good and you are okay with my payment and shipping arrangements, do let me have your full name and address plus your direct phone number as it will be written on the check so that i can forward it to my finance house to prepare it for you to receive it on time.

    Thanks and get back to me as soon as possible. "
  2. what in the world. NO WAY. I would not even respond.
  3. no way...
  4. Nope, nope, nope. They live in the US and they can't spell it? And they will arrange shipping? Wrong answer. The payment would probably be counterfeit. Block them from sending you any more emails.
  5. Definitely not, don't respond.
  6. Another thing I just noticed after reading this again -- the buyer wants personal info from you (name, address, phone number). Another huge red flag!
  7. That's what I thought. Before tPF I may have actually fallen for this, but I have learned so much on here. Thanks guys!
  8. Strongly agree with above! I noticed all of scammers always offer more amount than the final price! :push:
  9. Yeah, uh.. NO. Keep away from them. Far away. Scary.