I Think I Already Know Most Of Your Answer's To This Question So.....

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  1. The only time I like to wear knee socks in the winter under my jeans or pants because it helps keep my legs warm. With a skirt, dress, or shorts...not my style!
  2. Could not have said it better myself. I got that out of my system when I did shorts, argyle knee hi's and penny loafers back in high school.
  3. I love knee socks...but come on simple fashion rule even I know you don't wear them with a short skirt duhhhhh
  4. I love knee socks!

    But ... I think the last woman (is that Molly Sims?) it too old to wear them....
  5. Call me crazy but I'm tempted to try it! It's very popular in Japan among younger girls. They wear black thigh high socks with high heeled pumps and mini skirts. I think it's cute, when you're under a certain age.
  6. hah nope!
  7. under my jeans or pants....not under a skirt, pleaseeee!!!
  8. UGH-I hate it and don't think it looks good on any of the above. Maybe the short ruffle white socks and black heels will be next.
  9. personally not my style.:shrugs:
  10. One word for me: UNFLATTERYINGGG. My calves would look like sausages...*sniffsniff*
  11. Yikes.
  12. u just read my mind~:lol:
  13. i agree, knee socks under jeans/pants in the winter only.

    However, im wearing white knee socks and a pleat skirt tonite... going to a halloween party and im dressing up as a school girl :yes:
  14. Thumbs up! I love them on long, skinny legs. They draw attention to the calves, and you just want to reach out and give them a touch.