I think I added a new bag to my (ever growing) wishlist

  1. So real LV's in my area are not that common but I am pleased to see more and more real one's recently anyway a couple of days ago I saw a lady with a Plum L'Ingenieux I have never seen a person carry this bag and it was absolutely stunning I was literally :drool: it was so beautiful I just had to tell her how gorgeous it was.

    Anyway fast forward to today and what do I see..... a lady with a black L'ingenieux OMG!! even more stunning, I think LV are sending me messages to buy it LOL

    Does anyone have this bag how do you find it IRL

    edit ooo did this one ever come in Geranium? I love red!

  2. wow, it's beautiful.. :drool:
  3. Yes, Claire, it DID come in Geranium....lol, and it's a fabulous bag.
  4. wow ... nice bag! It must be a sign that you definitely need to have this bag:tup:
  5. I have this bag in white and it is a stunning bag but I find it becomes heavy after a while and prefer using my suhali lockit:tup:
  6. Recently there was a geranium one at the Banff store, its where I got the idea to get the Le Tal in geranium, I loved the colour so much and the Le Tal .. they had one just to show customers what Geranium looked like when they asked. Its very beautiful.
  7. i love this bag :drool:

    get it!
  8. Get it, its such a gorgeous bag, yet I can only admire from far away.
  9. I really love this bag but out of my price range. I definitely say, "Get It!!"
  10. Beautiful bag! I can see why you fell in love with it.
  11. I saw a woman carrying a black one once and I FELL in LOVE with it! It is sooo GORGEOUS, any color loolks great, but I would go with the black or if you can find one, the plum or germanium since they are limited.
  12. I really like that one too! Maybe one day... When you get yours we want to see pics!
  13. I love this bag!!!!!
  14. Claire the plum is HOT!!!
  15. Saw this IRL, and it's gorg!