I think he's leaving me soon...

  1. Ever since I got back from my Xmas trip, Jimmy's health has suddenly deteriorated at a very fast pace.

    His hind legs have lost much of its former strength and he just walks around mostly by dragging them with his front legs (Which are still strong).
    He's had some jabs to strengthen his legs by the vet but it seems he's not really getting better....

    He has lost his appetite and doesn't like to eat as much anymore... last night, he regurgitated his dinner and immediately had a bad diarrhea on the floor followed by very heavy panting. He's refusing water also...

    I don't know what to do but I just feel it's like he's trying to tell me that he's got to go soon... DH is very very distraught, was crying a lot and we both couldn't sleep... Byron (Our Old English Sheepdog) on the other hand seems oblivious to the situation...

    We have a trip on Saturday and our greatest fear is that he might pass away when we are gone... I'm thinking of staying on and caring for him...

    I don't know what to do now, I know he has to leave someday but I am hoping that it woldn't be painful for him. Hoping that he could leave peacefully in his sleep, at least that's painless.... it always rains very heavily when my pet is about to pass away. We've had nice sunny weather for the past 2 weeks after a long series of stormy seasonal monsoon rain and now... it's been raining since last night...

    What should I do? I keep telling myself that he has to go, he's going off to a better place etc but I can't stop crying and fearing that when I go home, he's no longer there... And if anyone is wondering, yes I'm crying right now. :sad:
  2. I suggest, very strongly, that you get him to the vet for an assessment ASAP!!!! If he is in early renal failure, you need to know. You do not want to let an animal go into renal failure!! It is very very painful and a horrible way to go. Please get to the vet, it is the best for your little guy.
  3. Hi Irishgal, thanks for the advise, he's had a blood test and there was nothing said abt Renal Failure other than him having problems with his heart and liver.

    What are the symptoms of renal failure and is it part of the affected areas I mentioned? TIA!
  4. Increased water consumption, increased urine production, loss of appetite, depression, vomiting, diarrhea. These are the symptoms. Either way, I would visit the vet if he does not improve within a short time.
  5. Thanks Irishgal, I've already called the vet for an appointment. Thanks so much!
  6. Have to agree you need to get him to the vets to find out exactly what is going on with him.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear about what's happened to your dog Jimmy. That is really sad. :sad:

    Please do take him to the vet as soon as possible for a thorough examination.

    I had read your comments about Jimmy's health in the thread you posted regarding the Groom Keychain (in the LV sub-forum) last night. I posted a response in that thread (I don't know if you read it).

    I hope Jimmy feels better. I hope he still has a couple more years left in him!
  8. Oh Im so sorry to hear your news..but your 'lil guy needs to see a vet ASAP. All of those symptoms you mentioned are very serious and although INCREDIBLY difficult..wouldn't you feel better if you held him in your arms during his last few moments than have him suffer and maybe pass on when you are away? This is so hard-I really feel for you. Two yrs. ago I held my Great Dane Chloe tightly in my arms (lying on the floor..telling her over and over how much I loved her, bawling like a maniac) while my vet put her down. Yes it was traumatic..but I couldn't see her suffer any longer and at least I was there with her until the very end. My remaining 3 legged dane, Chloe's brother, Dawson has his bad days too now and sometimes I think the time to make 'the decision' might come all too soon. But, if it comes to that with you, be there with your dh and together hold him tight, tell him you love him and know you are doing the very best thing for him. Sorry so long..this sort of situation is very close to my heart and I know how hard it is to have a sick 'baby'.
    But it might not come to this..there is always hope. And until he sees a vet just do the best you can. Please keep us up to date. Again I'm SO sorry this is happening:sad:
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Jimmy. I was tearing up while reading your thread, I cant imagine what you must be going through :crybaby:

    I dont have any advice but I'm sending you and Jimmy good thoughts
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jimmy and your family. May God bless him with a few more years.
  11. Im so sorry to hear this. How is Jimmy today? I've been thinking about him all day. You and Jimmy are in my thoughts! Hugs.
  12. Eyelove, yes, I read your response, thank you for your kindness, I do hope he has more years in him but I know that he still has to leave me inevitably... :'(

    Megadane, I know how you feel. I had an Old English Sheepdog few years ago (They have always been the my one and only love until Jimmy came along) who got knocked by a car... I had to euthanise him because his spinal column had already broken on impact...I was doing the same thing you did for Chloe at her last few moments...

    I'd do the same for Jimmy if the time comes, holding him and telling him I love him but somehow, it just seems too soon! And I'm crying again at my desk...
  13. Indeed, it always seems too soon.

    Sending hugs and positive thoughts to Jimmy and you, and hoping he'll recover! :heart:
  14. I am so sorry to hear this. What does your vet say? Perhaps it is better to put him to sleep at home while you are there...... My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family....
  15. Hi everyone, I'm back from the Vet.

    Firstly, he is not suffering from Renal Failure (Thank goodness!) with results from his blood test so yay!

    Secondly, the Vet still cannot be sure what is wrong with Jimmy but knows that he is potassium deficient at the moment. I am going to get some potassium salts later after this post to be added into his food. He's also gotten some antibiotics and a vitamin jab which will hopefully leave him feeling better after the visit to the vet.

    I also got a multivitamin gel from the vet, she told me to stick it onto his tongue if he still refuses and also to try and get him to eat some liver to replenish his blood because his gums were pretty pale... :sad:

    I'm going to be bringing him to my office from tomorrow onwards to keep a close eye on him and hope that he'll get better before the next review with the Vet on Thursday.

    Thank everyone of you for all your well-wishes and concern. I really hope Jimmy pulls thru and recovers but if his time with me is really up, then I hope and pray that he passes away in his sleep peacefully.... It's pessimistic I know but that's really all I can ask for if he doesn't get well.

    Thank you all very very much once more. :flowers: