I think Grands Fonds has a little something to tell us....

  1. .....since it's her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    C'mon, K.......I know there's a little HERMES something you could share with us. Something.....oh, BARENIA? A little birthday gift? hmmmmmmm?????

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you crazy lady!

    Now, SPILL IT, baby...................
  2. Oh, OK, you got me..............

    I'M REALLY A MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just kidding!

    he, he, he....D...I'm waiting for DH to come home......
  3. happy birthday you naughty lady!!
  4. Happy Birthday GF!!! Anything in an orange box nearby that's new???
  5. Happy Birthday!!!:heart: :heart:
  6. I have just opened a wee little orange box, but I need something in a larger orange box to dangle it off before I show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. happy birthday!!!
  8. awww, you girls are sweet!

    HEY, nice to see you, choo!

  9. You have to show us NOW before they move this thread!!!!

  10. Sorry ladies! But this belongs in General Discussion. GF is welcome to start her own thread to show us the goods!!!
  11. I know, they like to do that to my threads...

    but I can't open the box until DH comes home, and it's only 1.30pm here (lunchtime)....he won't be home until tonight.....UGH!
  12. Happy Birthday Grand Fonds!!! Wishing you all the best and lots of orange boxes!
  13. oh drat.......thought I slipped that right by ya J :angel:
  14. Sorry D! I have to do my job, but I still love you ladies! We just have to play by the rules, that's all.

    Besides, they are letting us have a Secret Santa for Hermes- so we all need to be really good right now!
  15. Happy Bday GF!!!!!!! may your bday wishes come true!!!:heart::heart: