i think foundation hates me!

  1. i recently switched from clinique to laura mercier foundation. i want to love this stuff because it gets so many great reviews from everyone on here. i have oily-acne prone complexion so i'm using the oil free foundation, along with the oil free primer and the setting powder. it looks great in the morning but towards the afternoon and evening it looks awful... you can see patches of foundation on my face... any suggestions or should i just return the stuff?
  2. wow...if it's that bad later on during the day you should def. return it!! and i know laura mercier is kind of pricy so if it does that, it's definately not worth your money because you can definately find something that suites your skin better!
  3. Return it for sure. I just love the LM foundation primer...sorry its not working! Have you tried bare minerals foundation primer and their foundation and then the setting powder??
  4. Not worth the price for the results you're getting. Definitely return it, and research other brands. I'm sure you'll find something else that works much better. Good luck! :smile:
  5. thank everyone! laura mercier has other foundation than just the liquid kind right? maybe i'll take it back and see what the other options are.
  6. They do a powder foundation like Bare minerals! I would for sure try that!
  7. If you have oily type skin, try Armani. It's the best.

  8. i want to try armani SO bad! you have no idea! but if it's only available at Saks then i think the nearest Saks to me is 6 hours away :tdown: (maybe 4 if there's one in minneapolis - but that's still too far to travel for makeup!)

    i think i might go back to the laura mercier counter and ask about the foundation powder and if that doesn't work then i'll try the mineral foundation (i'm afraid i'll be way too messy with mineral foundation!)
  9. There are some sephora and macys locations that sell Armani cosmetics. I know they do in NYC. You should check out http://www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com/_us/_en/stores/index.aspx? to locate where they sell it in your state. I recommend the matte silk foundation.

    IMO if you have oily skin, you won't like mineral makeup. I tried the BE one, and I hated it. It turned a funky color on my skin and my face looked dirty by the afternoon. I don't know how other mineral brands work though.

  10. i tried the store locator awhile back and i went to one of the stores that it said sells it and they only sell the perfume, so then i saw they had laura mercier and i got that instead. on sephora's website they only sell the perfume i think? but maybe i'll stop in store.. although my instore experiences have been :tdown: at sephora... but it's worth a shot! i'll goto every department store listed! we have 4 malls in this city.. you would think at least one place would have the darn stuff.

    i've also heard that about mineral makeup.. which is why i've kind of been avoiding it.. plus i think i'd make a huge mess all over myself with the powder.


    little update... just did the store located for cosmetics only and came back with 0 locations :sad:

    i'm going to minneapolis in march and they have a macy's there so i'll check it out then to see if they carry it.
  11. Yes! Try Armani! I'm a recent convert thanks to armanigirl ;).

    But if not, I also have oily, acne-prone skin and I really like LM's powder compact foundation. I forgot which one it was, but if you mention your skin type to the MA, it's what they'll recommend you. It works great! Also, with the primer, how much are you using? That really determined lasting power for me -- you only need to use a small amount be because the primer is efficient! Good luck!
  12. i think i'm using about a dime size amount... the MA just said i needed enough to cover my face. I told her the type of skin i had and i'm kind of wondering why she didn't bring up the mineral foundation or powder compact foundation?

    the store i went to, it's considered pretty high end here in town, but when i asked someone in the cosmetics department if they had armani they kinda looked at me like i was nuts!
  13. hm... I have oily skin too and bare escentuals doesn't look good on me. Have you tried Chanel Teint Innocence? I just love that foundation.
  14. I haven't tried the mineral foundation, but do try the compact foundation! I just went on the LM site, and they only have one: the Foundation Powder. It's so easy to apply and my skin looked really good! I only switch foundations because I love trying different products :smile:.

    Oh, and BE didn't work out for me at all either. It wasn't even the coverage; the colors didn't match my skin at all! But I've used another brand of mineral makeup, and it just wasn't for me. I had the same problem as you -- I looked patchy by mid-day!
  15. You may like the Bobbi Brown liquid, or the Philosophy Supernatural foundation. Please try before you buy. Most cosmetic counters will make you a sample to try at home. What I usually do is go in make-up free and try the foundation. Make-up returns cost the industry and retailers millions. They, of course, cannot re-sell and then that makes mountains of garbage in landfills. Please, we owe it to the earth to make sure something will work before we buy.