I think Fedex ground lost my Bag...

  1. Hi ladies...
    Just want to unload my dissapointment...:sad:
    I won the Prada Flower bag from ebay,
    I know its not an expensive or a new season bag but I really did like it and have been looking for one...
    so you can only imagine how happy I was when I won it and at a great price too.:yahoo:
    I actually been tracking it every minute and as soon as the tracker said its delivered at my doorstep...
    I run downstairs to get it!...it wasn't there...:wtf: :crybaby:
    I called Fedex ground right that moment and informed them that the package is not on my doorstep and nowhere to be found.
    They told me to give them a couple of days to look into the matter, then call back.
    The seller said she'd refund my money... but I really want that bag...
    I asked her if its possible for her to find me another one... no respose yet.:crybaby:
  2. OH! Im sorry..wait and hear back from fedex..maybe they goofed and still have it?
  3. Sarsi, sorry to hear that. Hopefully FedEx still have the package. Crossing my fingers for you.
  4. Oh, I hate it when shipping goes wrong!! Fingers crossed that it all sorts out for you.
  5. Thanks Ladies...
    I'm still hoping to get it... :sad:
    the seller told me that Fedex might just got things mixed up. :yucky:
    Thanks for the support!
    I'll keep you posted...
  6. Did you double check with the seller that they put the right address on your package?
  7. Thats awful - I really hope its a simple mistake and you get it sorted:flowers:
  8. How horrible! I am sorry you have to go thru this. I hope things will work out for you and soon :censor:
  9. Hi Ladies!
    Guess What???:Push:
    :wlae: Got the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    I just checked my door just hopping.... then there it was!!!!:nuts:
    Fedex had a whatever mix-up!!! :censor:
    Just glad my pretty flower Prada bag is finally home and safe!!!:love:
    Was supposed to give it to my sis, but just got her another Prada bag instead.;)
    I never had a messenger type bag before but just fell in-love with this one...
    Thank you very much for the support!!!! means so much!!!
    Really am just so happy! and its not even an expensive bag!
  10. YEAH! Congrats..I love that bag too! I wear mine alot!
  11. Thanks Jill!
    You actually got me to love Prada too...:shame:
    You've got a wonderfull collection!:smile:
  12. I have it in a pink tote version too..Thats how much I loved that design..LOL
  13. Yup:yes: you're so right, its just so pretty...:love:
  14. I wonder if they ever made a wallet to match this design?
  15. ^NOPE..No wallet..er..Or I would have bought it too..hee.hee.hee