I think Eluxury WANTS me to lose my mind!

  1. I have an azur sayleya gm in my cart if anyone wants it! It was the last one..let me know!!!!!!


    I bet I have logged over 2 hours refreshing the page trying to get a pomme agenda from Elux. I also always try and get an azur speedy to help another member out. Tonight though I also saw an azur agenda..something else that I :heart: but don't want to pay tax on. Of COURSE you can click on it, but you get the little red text saying they don't have it.

    WHY can you still see the pictures if they don't have it!?!?!?!? i hate them!!!!!!!:cursing:
  2. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes they dont update their inventories in the website too periodically. I heard it happened couple times to other people.
  3. You can do a live chat or call them. Sometimes people have these items in their cart so technically it's still available. Good luck!
  4. chatting right now with someone...no luck :sad:
    Thanks for the advice though!
  5. Look on the bright side. I'm in Canada, I can look at elux and drool but they won't let me shop from Canada!