I think cutestmomever is holding out on us all!

  1. I happen to have some intel that cutestmomever picked up her blinged out J12 yesterday! So here's the question - where is it, mom? I know you know how to operate a digicam now!
  2. haha, nerdphanie and cutestmomever..you two are adorable! show us the goods cutestmomever!
  3. Ok, cutestmom - cough it up!! :woohoo: Where are the pix of the evidence! :search:

    Nerphanie, thanks for telling us! :balloon:
  4. Oh, is that right? Well, there should be penalties for holding out on us, like sharing the watch...

    Come on cutestmomever - let's see!:nuts:
  5. Yeah, show us your J12 :woohoo:
  6. Pics pics!:yes:
  7. yeah pics! :smile:
  8. OK Nerphanie, here they are. I looooove this watch.It looks so much better IRL.
    a.jpg b.jpg
  9. oooooooh, purty~~~ congrats, cutestmomever!!! that's like the cutest watch ever~ ;)
  10. Love it! So glad it finally came.
  11. very nice! Work that watch!
  12. I had to come back and have a look. Definitely NOT disappointed!! Cutestmom, that watch is TDF!!!

    Thank you for sharing pix. :flowers:
  13. wowsa! what a watch! Congrats!
  14. Hot! :rochard:
  15. :nuts::nuts::nuts: congratz! The watch is dazzling.. stunning.. and simply gorgeous!