I think Coach should make a case for the iPhone

  1. They already make them for ipods and I love them. If they made one for the iPhone I would totally be in heavennnnnnn:heart:
  2. and for the new ipod video nano's. I'm hoping to get one for christmas and would love a case for it.
  3. I'm already wondering what I'm going to put my ipod touch in & Coach would be a natural choice if they had something
  4. I'm sure they will make one for the iPhone eventually. Maybe by next year? That would be great!

  5. They need to make one for the PSP!! :graucho:
  6. i have been waiting for it - in fact when i got my iphone, first thing i did after activating it was look @ the Coach website for something to store it in....
  7. I have the new 80g iPod "Classic"...and it's slimmer than the previous iPod videos...do you think it would bounce around in a coach case too much? Or just wait for them to come out with somethign that will fit this?