I think Canada is step ahead again. just spoke to my SA and

  1. they got in the metallic classic flap, she said it's lambskin, but it's not smooth, it's definitely treated, and the chain is different, not the same classic leather/metal chain. but the price, OUCH! $2700CAD for the med/large size!!! OOOOOUCH!
    i'm going to take a look at it on Wednesday, it sounds very pretty though.
  2. Please tell us all about it. Sounds like a fabulous bag.
  3. I will after i see it on Wednesday. It's definitely an updated version from the sounds of it. The leather treatment is different, and so is the chain.
  4. :drool:
  5. Ooh, can't wait for your update ;)

    I could google it, but I'm too lazy...what's the approximate USD equivalent of $2700 CAD?? :p
  6. about 2400
  7. Thanks!
  8. We're about 20 steps behind with other bags though. The Rock&Chain Hobo has still not arrived in stores yet. The States got theirs in a month ago.

    I think I saw that metallic classic flap with the new chain at Holts the other day. Let me know what you think about it. I couldn't decide.
  9. oh you've seen it already? okay, i will definitie post after i see on wednesday. i was told by my Sa that they didn't purchase the rock and chain hobo.
  10. I think we need to get teeny tiny spy cameras so we can take pics at Chanel boutiques.
  11. $2700 whoa!
  12. Really?? (Bangs head against wall - we need an emoticon for that.)

    I was told by Carol that they are getting the Rock & Chain hobo. I was told they didn't purchase the Soft & Chain (which was the one I really wanted.) But I absolutely put my name in the book for the Rock & Chain hobo...

    takeoutbox, I think what you are saying is correct though... otherwise it would have been in the stores by now. Don't think I really wanted it anyway... too awkward for me, but at least they could have told me. :confused1:
  13. I saw it, I think. It was just in, and in the back and on hold for someone else, but shown to me in case I was interested and not wanted by the original customer.

    Whenever a SA shows me a bag, or shoes, or anything for that matter, that is on hold, I don't allow myself to like it, since it's probably going to someone else anyway. I kind of hate when SAs do that... bring our something to show me that is not available...
  14. Ohhh, can't wait to hear what you think of the metallic flap Irene! Is this the new for fall silver metallic flap Jenn mentioned having seen in her thread about the trunk show? :smile:
  15. ohhh that sounds GORGEOUS!!!