I think Buyers should be rated

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  1. I think Ebay should have a star rating system for Buyers on communication and if it's low, they should be punished severely for it. I hate when they don't communicate about paying and the ones who leave negative without even communicating to you first. I always try to contact the Seller if I'm concerned once I receive the item so we can work it out. If you don't say anything, how on earth is anyone to know. Sometimes, emergencies come up and that's understandable, but I believe most cases it doesn't involve one. They probably think leaving feedback will make their day full of sunshine and suddenly solve everything when they are unhappy with the item.

    Also, I believe everyone should be required to take a mini lesson (like a tutoral with multiple choice quiz at the end) on buying and selling on Ebay before they're allowed to bid, buy, or sell. A lot of people don't even know the basic rules on Ebay, such as that you're supposed to pay if you win, not bid on multiple auctions and pay the one that you win with lowest final bid. Maybe it would improve things a little bit. But in the end, time is of essence and I'm not sure people would even bother.

  2. I agree - you are SO right - some buyers think it's all a big game and they can bid on multiple identical items, then choose the one they want to pay for. Then they leave feedback that can absolutely RUIN a seller's reputation.

    When ebay changed the rules back in May of last year, they took away ANY possibility of getting rid of rotten buyers.

    The decision makers at ebay have decided that buyers should have ALL the power and seller's just have to "live with the grief".

    After 10 years as an ebay seller and buyer, I quit last February. I seriously doubt if anything is going to change. It's really too bad because ebay used to be a fun place.

  3. ^^I agree with all of that! Great idea! I'm wouldn't be worried about passing that "test"!
  4. Totally agreed.
  5. yup
  6. wow, never thought of this.

    they should really do this.
  7. Yes, that would be interesting. But like buyers who can leave crazy feedback for sellers, this would mean it could go the other way.
  8. Yeah... that's exactly why being able to leave negative feedback for a buyer was taken away. Remember the logic? Naughty sellers would extort feedback from a buyer (or so the Bay figured), and then feedback left by a buyer wasn't true. So they got rid of the ability to neg a buyer. BIG mistake.

    True, scams and just overall bad behavior can go both ways on the Bay. But it needs to be fair and just in order for a marketplace to work. Sellers wouldn't exist without buyer and buyers wouldn't exist without sellers.

    Star ratings just need to be deleted. Period. If not deleted, then there needs to be far less importance placed on them.
  9. Yup...I love the buyers who never even message me back after I answer their question or let them know I shipped their item. Just a "thanks" would be really nice.

    Side story: I sold something for my mom 2 weeks ago, buyer did the BIN on Thursday, then never contacted me. I emailed her that Friday to ask about her payment and she emailed me back on Monday saying she was waiting for her paycheck to clear her bank.
    Still hadn't heard from her by Thursday so I emailed her again saying that I was going out of town and wouldn't be able to ship until I returned.
    So she paid that night and I shipped it out that morning (Friday)...then a few hours later I was checking my *bay page and I saw that she's now Not a Registered User.
    I hope it's just something minor, especially since this was something I sold for my mom and it was NOT a cheap item.
    I mean yeah, I got insurance, delivery confirmation and signature confirmation but still...