I think bebe copied Chanel :(

  1. Has anyone seen the new bebe handbags? Two of them remind me of chanel bags. Practically the same strap and shape! Is that legal? Cause that's just wrong! Go to bebe.com and tell me what you think!
  2. Havent seen any bebe handbags...well what can you say the people at Chanel are geniuses(sp?)lol
  3. I love this poinant moment in The Devil Wears Prada wear Miranda explains the process of how one high fashion designer piece ends up down to the mass market brands. Generally that is how all stores work. Chanel, Prada, etc, etc, come up with these ideas and then everyone else follows the trend.
  4. OMG, you're right..

  5. okay.... is this supposed to be the coco cabas wannabe? :s
  6. Gross....it looks like it has the letters "a" and "b" on it. Nasty looking thing, I can just see all the cheese balls at the mall carrying this!!!!
  7. Holy crap...thats hideous. Well you know what the say, mimicing is suppose to be the best form of flatterly...but c'mon you gotta draw a line somewhere.

    And for $239??? I'd save for the real deal.
  8. There's also one on the baby phat website that looks like a coco cabas even with the charm.
    BabyPhat.com: Large Tote
  9. Who would pay that price for BEBE. I always thought they were a cheaper brand?
  10. EWWW... that's sooo gross, there was a baby cabas copy i saw @ charles david, too

    i wonder what mischa barton thinks about this (since she's such a chanel fan) -it'd be really funny if she had to sport one in an ad or something vs. her everyday AUTH chanels
  11. Hmmm...interesting but not suprising. I noticed a lot of quilted bags as well, and I think its wrong too.
  12. Everybody copies everybody. mj, dior and lv copied chanel with the quilting. almost every brand came out with denim after lv launched their denim line. and don't even get me started about all the metallic looking crap out there. =x sorry if i offended anybody. All those ugly brands like kooba, bulga, juicy couture with their metallic bohemian sloppy looking hobos; now everybody just loves metallics. And the list goes on and on.
  13. BeBe and guess bags are the worst on copying high end bags....:throwup:
  14. and arent they, um PLASTIC/ VINYL? ick.
  15. uhm dior did their cannage quilting before chanel did. it's just that chanel is more well known for the quilting.