I think BBags gave me OCD!!!

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly get afflicted with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) when they are carrying light-color BBags? It seems I am extremely anal-retentive about my handles darkening, that I wash my hands constantly, or pick my bag up with a napkin so as not to get grease or whatever on my handles.
    Some pictures of BBags with those grimy black handles:sick: give me the heebie jeebies.

    Am I alone? Do I need therapy? :wondering
  2. I figure this will be the case with me...I just ordered my White City and I know I will be a freak about it!

    You are not alone!

  3. You know, they should come out with disposable handle protectors...very thin plastic thingys to wrap around your handles...:idea:...wow...I think I just came up with a great idea! I'm gonna be rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!:supacool:
  4. Yup - I am a freak about my bags too! I don't think it's OCD per say; it's more of a desire to protect such an expensive investment! I do not want to pay $1195 and have gross black handles.
  5. I agree... the sacrifices we make for these bags... I try to stay away from light bags.. but even then... I find myself trying to be very careful with every move I make w/ my bbag. YOUR NOT ALONE~! :blink:
  6. Maybe this is why women use to wear white gloves. It sure wouldn't hurt!
  7. There are rain protectors available for Birkins, I forgot what they look like though. As for plastic for the handles, it's a great idea but I think it would look terrible. Like when you buy a brand new LV and keep the plastic on the handles to keep it from developing a patina. I vote for bringing back white gloves! Too bad it's the middle of summer where I live. :tdown:
  8. so I am not alone.. my hubby and Maid (!) just do not understand why I will spend 30 mins just sitting there polishing and cleaning the handles... i will think of you guys when I do that next month!
  9. :yes:
    Oh yes!!! I was going to put up a thread last week when I got back from the nail salon....I was getting a mani-pedi and next to my station there seemed to be an empty chair. I set my BG Pink City on the chair and when the gal came to set the tub down for my feet I asked her if it was okay that I set it there. She was stirring up the water and had wet sudsy hands and she shook her head and went to grab my bag.
    :hysteric: :sweatdrop:
    OMG! I don't know who had a heart attack more, me, her, or the other patrons in the nail salon! Because without thought I instantly jumped from my chair, wet feet and all, and made a dive for my bag yelling Noooooo!!!! I came back to myself clutching my bag to my chest and noticed everyone looking at me. I thanked her and sat down sheepishly, and she came over and handed me two clean towels. I was still freaked out so it was hard to put it down, but I set my bag on one of the towels, and laid the other over it. I kept my face stuck in a magazine for the rest of my visit.
    :nuts: :shame:
    I don't usually bring my bags to the nail salon but this appt was made after I had gone out with my Mom for lunch and shopping. I don't know if that is classified as OCD, I think it just means I am freaking nuts!!!
  10. I can relate! I sometime have this funny pose, wherein I am walking with my elbow bent, my hand pointing up and the handles are in the crook of my elbow.
  11. i'd be too....... which is why my bbag is black, i'm OC enough already......
  12. Is using umbrella to cover my Calcaire Twiggy instead of me in the rain considered OCD? :sweatdrop:

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Toooo funny!
  14. :winkiss: That'd be me!
  15. You girls are killing me ...Deana...that is too funny:biggrin:.
    I don't have OCD (I think) but I am very paranoid when it comes to my white twiggy. It is my first BBag and my first big huge purchase as well as my first white bag! I did not realize how easily they can get dirty... I shed lots of tears over little spots of imperfection after just one use. And the crazy hot weather in Houston is really discouraging me from getting sweat and oil stains on my beloved bag. I am so protective that I would not even take it out of its dust bag anymore ... what a shame because it is such a lovely bag.