I thik I'v decided that the Koala wallet would be best for me, but which ONE??


Which Koala wallet?

  1. Noisette Vernis

  2. Framboise Vernis

  3. Red Epi

  4. Mono

  5. Damier

  6. Black MC

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one of the below Koala wallets would you pick?

    Noisette Vernis (630)?
    Framboise Vernis (630)?
    Red Epi (590)?
    Mono (560)?
    Damier (560)?
    Black MC (650)?
  2. I love the DAMIER (with the red interior) it is so timeless and beautiful - you'll never get sick of it!
  3. Another vote for Damier :love:
  4. Wow, didn't notice the red interior before! :love: Loves it!
    Another vote for Damier. ;)

  5. Third one for damier
  6. Omg! A! How are you?
    I tried calling you this weekend, but the # I had for you didn't work, lol!

    Hope you are well!

    - Oh yeah I am for the Koala in Damier too! Epi as well!
  7. Either Damier or the red epi!!
  8. another one for the Damier!
  9. For some reason I love it in black MC but I think Damier would be the most versatile. :smile:
  10. a biiiig vote for damier! i just got one yesterday and am LOOOOOOVVVVVING it!!!! especially the red interior! :heart:
  11. I agree:yes:
  12. I vote for the MC! :smile:
  13. I voted for the Damier. I like the rounded closure on the Mono and the Damier better than the pointy ones on the Epi, Vernis, and MC.
  14. Black MC, I saw one at work today and I just drooled all over the place - especially when the lady unfolded it to pay.

    Otherwise, I'd go for a damier one, I love the rounder button close !
  15. i guess i'm partial, but i'm going with DAMIER!