I Take it Back...Meredith leather

  1. I am sorry if I lead anyone to believe the Meredith Leather is like the Charlies. In this auction, the pics are so clear, that the leather looks exactly like my Elisha...which has great durable leather. Not at all like the soft scratchable Charlie. I couldn't find the thread we talked about this...in which I was adamant that the Leather would be the same because of Bliss's Kooba letter.

    Ohhhh, if this bag didn't have that BIG OL" FLAP, I would be so inclined towards it...LOL

  2. Thanks Lexie. In reading the post about the Bonnie and how beautifully it's aging, I was hoping the same would be true for Meredith. I'm leaning toward keeping her instead of Paige, mostly beause of the Paige's weight.
  3. Wow, you really are anti-flap aren't you?

    Just remember that in about 40 years you'll need a bag like this to tote all your Bingo charms around. And, a Meredith in black would be so versatile it would go with any housecoat you own... LOL

    I, on the other hand, like the Meredith! It looks like she's got a large pocket in the front under the big ass flap. How cool!
  4. I love love LOVE the Meredith. I'm hoping it goes on sale for my bday in June. Otherwise I'll eBay it.

  5. Oh Yea, I forgot! I'm gonna need that Meredith for the Nursing Home we are all going to. Bingo and Housecoats! I think I'm going to get a Slate Meredith to match my Blue Hair!!!
    I'm aware that under that Big @ss Flap there is a pocket. That's where you can keep the ExLax and Geritol.