I take back every negative thing I ever said about skinny jeans...

  1. For me, it just has to have the right kind of leg (straight or maybe a slight hint of a boot cut) and rinse.

    I tried on some low rise, skinny Levis and :nuts: :love: :lol: !!!
  2. yay!! and i'm sure it looks fab on you!
  3. hehehe! i felt the same way when i finally tried some on!
  4. I know I'm hooked! Like I said 100 times, skinnies let me show off my shoes and boots. I love that!
  5. Hahaha! Congrats on the change of heart - I'm still not quite there yet, although I purchased a pair two weeks ago. They are still sitting in their shopping bag. I keep flip-flopping.
  6. I felt the same way...and then I tried on a pair...and they look great!! Now I am looking for a pair in black....I love skinny jeans!!!
  7. How do you wear them if you don't have a perfect, stick-thin figure? I didn't know Levi's made skinny jeans. In all honesty, I've tried on lots of jeans and 501s just fit me the best.

  8. Tunic length tops look great with skinny jeans. It helps minimizes hips and the bum.
  9. I agree! I hated them when they first came out a few years ago, but have since become a huge fan :biggrin: I found more expensive brands were much more flattering than cheapo ones for me!
  10. i've always worn skinny jeans, even when they were out of fashion...sure, not as skinny as i'm wearing these days...if you have the right body figure, and you find a great pair, they're the best!!!:heart:
  11. Ah ah I was just thinking "I told you girls !!!" even if I didn't but knew it !! I knew you would like it !!! :graucho:
    Good for you because it's not a trend that will disapear anytime soon !!!
  12. i love skinny jeans.
    i had one fit stretch black skinny jeans from Guess that i had from 8 yrs ago. i'm still wearing them till now