i swung by the coach store today and picked something up!

  1. Nothing too exciting, but it's my first Signature Stripe piece!

    Pardon my banana pj pants.



    The SA's at the store were kind of dumb, though. They had the mahogany, parchment, and gunmetal stripe cases out and I asked if they had the brown/bronze one or the denim one. The girl asked the older SA, and she said "Oh, they don't make them in those colors." WHATEVER. Luckily, I decided that I liked this one best anyway, but honestly. They DO make those colors. They even had all of the new brown/bronze and denim stuff in, so what the heck? Oh well. I love this case!

    I also packed up my RAOK box today and it will be ready to ship on October 1st!! :yahoo:
  2. I love it! I need one of those....:girlsigh:
  3. That is a great choice! I sometimes enjoy my accessories more than my bags.
    Congrats on a really useful item!
  4. Wonderful find!! Congrats on your new purchase!!
  5. Is this the larger one for $98? I almost picked up the smaller one the other day for $68 but I wanted black/gunmetal and they didn't have any. Congrats! It's beautiful and I love the legacy lining!
  6. yay! sig stripe is my favorite!
  7. I need one of those too!
    lol and i really like your bannana pj's!
  8. Super cute! I got the larger one in black/gunmetal during PCE. FedEx dropped it on my doorstep this afternoon but I'm stuck at work. :crybaby:
  9. Great choice!! I love all the little pockets inside these cases.
  10. I love it! You can fit a lot in there!!!
  11. Cute, congrats!
  12. I love that lining!!
  13. That is cute! I have the smaller one but I really could use a larger one. I love that it has the legacy striped lining, actually makes it easier to see inside it.
  14. Great find!!! I love it! Congrats!
  15. Yes, it's the large, but it's $88 :yes: