I Swore I Wouldn't Do This Again...

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  1. ...and I said in another post it would be astronomically embarrassing...but I guess I have no shame. Perhaps it'll be something akin to therapy for me and I'll never go to these kind of extremes again. Okay....drum roll please....

    The Haves and Hads of KoobaMe:

    Here’s what I still have:

    1.Jillian in Bourbon (dreamy sigh….)
    2.Marcelle in Desert (my baby!)
    3.Brooklyn in a brown I can’t remember the name of. Lexie -Was it chocolate??
    4.Lucy in Black (that yummy black leather…)
    5.Claudia in Black (same yummy leather as Lucy)
    6.Claudia in Brown Suede
    7.Claudia on the way to be delivered tomorrow!
    8.Sydney in Black
    9.Carla in Chestnut (my old workhorse..and she STILL smells amazing!)
    10.Farrah in the only color offered: Mocha Champagne (this is a rebuy)
    11.Chiara in Blush (waaay too small but wanted the color. What a dork! I don’t even use it!)
    12.Justine in Pink
    13.Sienna - in Brown floral embossed (so unique!)

    **Let me just say here that I really didn't think I had that many still! Several of those haven't seen light of day in months!**

    What I’ve had and sold (several with MAJOR regret!):

    1.Ada in Bourbon (what the hell was I thinking selling it???)
    2.Audrey in Bourbon (because I coveted the leather)
    3.Lucy in Black (regretted, rebought another)
    4.Lucy in White
    5.Lucy in Plum/purple (still think about it…)
    6.Marcelle in White
    7.Marcelle in Black
    8.Marcelle in Toffee
    9.Marcelle in Cognac (seeing a pattern here?)
    10.Marcelle in Moss (returned unused. Didn’t like)
    11.Nisha in Toffee (loved it but odd drape when loaded and very narrow)
    12.Claudia in Sand (boring. Returned unused)
    13.Chiara in Cognac
    14.Chiara in jade
    15.Brynne in Auburn (God...one of my biggest regrets!!)
    16.Farrah (sold last year and then bought another just to revisit the leather)
    17.Sienna in Bourbon (from NM – was an obvious used/returned bag so I returned it)
    18.Sienna in Brown floral embossed (sold, regretted and rebought another)
    19.Sienna in Black floral embossed
    20.Sienna in Cognac (great bag!)
    21.Sienna in the coveted smooth Black
    22.Annie in Camel
    23.Annie in Black
    24.Annie in Auburn (returned unused to Bluefly. Regretted immediately and rebought from skanky seller and had to file a SNAD it was so worn)
    25.Kiera in Black
    26.Kiera in Camel
    27.Carla in Terraine
    28.Carla in Black
    29.Maria in Brown Suede
    30.Maria in Black
    31.Maria in Black (yes…bought twice)
    32.Maria in Chestnut or Terraine…can’t remember. LOL!
    33.Ginger in Chestnut
    34.Ginger in Chocolate Suede
    35.Virginia in Brown
    36.Virginia in Black
    37.Jacinda in Black (NOT impressed w/ the leather. Horrible chemical smell!)
    38.Sloane in Bark (god that was a good bag – except for the fish oil smell of the dye. Remember that smell?? Fortunately it faded pretty quickly. Never used it & regretted it)
    39.Lena in Forrest Suede
    40.Wallet whose name I can’t remember. Wasn’t impressed with leather or smell
    41.Braeden inBlack
    42.Sarah in Toast
    43.Paige in Black
    44.Daniela in a fuchsia/pink
    45.Elisha in Red (from ActiveEndeavors. Was obviously a damaged return that they shouldn’t have sold to me. They were great about a refund though)
    46.Kooba Hilarie (waaay to big! Leather was pretty good, though. Returned it.)

    Grand Total =58

    I think I’m missing a few but DAMN…my head is spinning from trying to remember all of that!
  2. :wtf: Oh my God. It's just too sick. :wtf:

  3. :faint::faint::faint::faint:
  4. And for that reason I would never post my lists again because it makes you look healthy! LOL

    I sold a Chocolate and Two Rust ones so I don't know which of mine you got!

    The ones I miss the most are my Black Studded Ada, My Terraine Maria, and for nostalgic reasons, the Metallic Army Scarlett. That was my very first Kooba. I thought I had died and gone to heaven after my bad bad obsession with Signature Coaches. This was real TDF leather and my Husband asked me if it cost over 1000.00??? At that time, you might as well have handed me a Hermes Birkin bag. I thought I was in "High End" bag land...LOL Little did I know I was on a Highway to Hell....LOL
  5. ^^^LOL!!!

    And Highway to Hell is 'bout right!

    And I can't believe looking at that list above...and supposedly being on a 'ban' (whatever THAT means....) I'm still sniffing around bags!!!

    Oh God. I'm so not healthy. Why can't I be passionate (addicted, more like) about something less expensive...like... collecting spoons from other states or something? :girlsigh:
  6. Ok KoobaMe.....I am going to start a new obsession. I will scour Ebay tonight for Salt & Pepper Shakers. You do spoons and then we'll switch collections. That will satisfy us :huh:
  7. aww koobame.. you dont want to be my friend =(
  8. KoobaMe.....you certainly live up to your name, don't you!!! I'm so glad that you still have your flower embossed Sienna. That is my favorite bag. I love her to death and I baby her but I use her, and I get compliments from strangers every time I have her out. It's amazing because it is so different, know what I mean? I even had two women in Santa Fe come up to me and tell me that they admired my bag and they wondered who made it. It does have that southwestern look to it....which I love! Please don't ever get rid of your Sienna!! Promise???
  9. Lexie- You're on. Now we need someone on the shot glasses from all states! But...I wonder how many spoons it takes to equal the satisfaction of one purse? How many spoon racks and curio cabinets am I going to need??

    sinniebunnie: I have no idea what you're talkin' about, girl. :confused1:

    CP: Fear not, she's not going anywhere -I love her too much! I don't use her often what with the number of bags I have but when I do I fall in love with her all over again. I really like the fact that because of the cool embossing the leather used is different from other Siennas - more structured so it's shape to me is so pleasing. Definitely has a southwest feel. I think I may just take her out this weekend! :yes:
  10. I just figured it out....
  11. YAY! i was sad for a moment when you didnt know what i was talking about! Your kooba-ness has inspired me and i had to add you to my collection of special friends!
  12. I definitely resemble those remarks. I'm second in line right behind you, Lexie.
  13. I remember that trip, Rose. You took her along because of the western flare and she turned heads in Sante Fe.
  14. I collect magnets (like for your refrigerator) from different states. I miss my desert Marcelle, cream Sienna and black Charlie.
  15. Oh, and bourbon Jillian.