I swore I saw a white Paddy with black hardware? Did I hallucinate?

  1. Im visiting some relatives in Riga, Latvia right now and I saw a girl with a white-white-white Paddy that had a black hardware. It looked very unusual, but in a good way. However, someone said black hardware only came with metallic and black leather. So, was is some sort of Special Order or a really stupid fake? Or a boredom-induced hallucination? :wtf:
  2. Never heard of a white paddy with black hardware. Maybe she used the lock from the black/black paddy? Who knows...I guess it's possible, but it would be a totally new style...sounds weird.
  3. could it be a fake? these days... anything goes
  4. thanks for your replies, guys!

    :tdown: it sucks, I wish there was a real one like that - it looked supercute! Does Chloe have a suggestion box? :graucho:
  5. Oh, that's funny...a suggestion box! :yahoo: I have found that Chloe is not the most "customer friendly" place...they take their time answering questions and there is a certain arrogance in many of the personnel. Why? I have no idea, but I LOVE their bags!!! I guess I'm stuck:smile::p
  6. It's not such a bad idea - taking the lock off one paddy and using it on another! Especially if you're wearing silver/platinum jewelry and the lock on your paddy's gold/brass-colored! I think it's pretty cool "customization"! :tup:
  7. white with black matte hardware sounds hot! white patent with black lock might be interesting too. There are definitely patent paddys coming this fall.

    Has anyone seen IRL the roche paddy with the white hardware? Looks cool online...