I switched my small Rock Vinyl for the medium size today. I love it! PIX :)

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  1. Much better! It's sooo cute! What do you think? :smile:


  2. Very hip and edgy! Looks FAB on you!!
  3. way cute!
  4. Thanks!!! I guess most aren't too fond of this group of bags though. Oh well. I keep hearing mixed reviews.
  5. I saw this one today and I have to say its one hell of a bag!
  6. yeah, that is one hot bag!
  7. its cute
  8. yes, I think you have made the right decision to change the size, it's 10 times more gorgeous, enjoy!
  9. Looks great on you! Good choice, I like the bigger one
  10. i like the larger bag, great choice.
  11. This size is TDF!!!! Its so hot! I love it.......I heard people saying its noisy with the vinyl material....is it?
  12. Wow that's an awesome sized flap! Congrats. :drool:
  13. looks great, that is the medium? wow I wonder what the large looks like? hmm the large would make a great carry on bag I bet.
  14. You worked both sizes well.. I am actually contemplating getting one of these. Just don't know how durable the vinyl will be in the long run.
    Its a HOT HOT bag though
  15. love it on you!