I swear, this kid needs to find a new spot to poke!

  1. Ok, when this child is born, I think I'm going to spend hours poking her in the same spot over and over just to get her back for what she's doing to me! Just kidding, of course, but this is nuts - she has this one spot that she likes to kick/poke constantly and I think I'm going to have internal bruising from it! LOL! The funny thing is, I can totally feel her flipping over and changing positions, yet somehow she still finds that spot (which, of course, is directly linked to my bladder) no matter which direction she's pointing!

    I guess there's really no point to this post, just needed to vent!
  2. Hee, hee. I remember that. I still sometimes wake up to this vague poking memory (no kidding!!) because son had this spot (my lower right abdomen) that he used to poke all the time!

    I swore I would poke him back too, but that was wishful thinking!
  3. lol, awwwww I miss those days!!

    Julia used to poke me a bit to the left of my belly button. I'd lay there at night and all of a sudden see that one side of my belly rise, lol. She was also a fan of using the lungs & bladder as punching bags
  4. I can absolutely understand. Belive me. LOL. This little guy sticks one of this appendages (arms? legs?) in my right hip bone several times a day. I didn't think such a thing was possible!!!!!!
  5. OMG: I'm completely freaked out now!! :roflmfao:

    At first, I thought... aww..how cute, that's kind of funny... and then I thought "Hey, wait-a-minute! That's gonna be me in a few years...omg, I'm gonna have a person inside me!"

    Excuse me, I think I have to go lay down now... I'm feeling a bit faint... :blink:

  6. I miss those days. Mine use to poke me under my right rib cage.