I swear, the discount made me do it!

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  1. In the crazy HH sales of past and present, many of us have snagged an item on steep discount that we had never paid attention to at full price.

    The unpredictable and heavy discounting HH is known for causes many an unexpected item to leap into our shopping carts, and many of these items turn out to be huge sleeper hits, and strike us down with dumb-struck-love.

    What have these been for you? Tell your "the discount made me do it" stories of unexpected HH love!
  2. Most recently, for me it was Yammie Conrad. Snagged for 154$ at the online fall sample sale on the day "slightly defected" merch was sold (I couldn't find any problems with it worth mentioning).

    I really hadn't paid any attention to it before seeing that price. The discount definitely made me do it. But when it arrived, I realized it was the cross-body bag I've been searching for in vintage shops/eBay for ages, only brand new!
  3. Maldives!!
    Lido Mini Bag
    Dominique Satchel
  4. My very first HH, the saddle Ana that went up for sale at the ridiculous price of $60. I didn't even think that the bag would work for me...it wasn't a shape or size that I had ever bought, and the color wasn't anything that I had in my closet. What can I say, that is still my favorite handbag and is responsible for my continuing addiction to Hayden Harnett.
  5. Violet Mercer clutch on steep discount. I would never have bought an open top bag back that didn't have zipper otherwise. Subway thieves are deterred only by its fabulousness.

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  6. G-E-T O-U-T... your bag of all bags, the arch-angel of your HH collection, fell into your lap for 60$????????????????????????????????

    That is an unreal price and what a story of a match made in bargain basement heaven!
  7. $42 Clutch Wallet - THE best wallet, ever!

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    They may be afraid that a loud alarm rigged to a disco ball will descend from the sky if their sticky fingers even approach!
  9. Aw shoot, that is awesome!! What color? Was this just last night?

    My 35$ Anthracite clutch wallet is probably my best unexpected steal ever! Gets used every day!
  10. Yup, and I have to say, I have never been disappointed by an otherwise out-of-character, deep discount HH purchase. They are always better than I thought.
  11. The thankful sale made me buy my first HH! Then came the Wishful sale and another new bag and a couple of accessories, then the New Year's sale and more new accessories, so the discounts brought me a new found love! Now, there's no turning back!
  12. My first absolute HH :heart: was my Plum Ana w/tassle...for free (yes, free)!!! A lovely mama on another board offered me a deal on two HH bags she was selling, a Nico and the Ana...two for the price of the Nico. How could I resist?? It's still one of my favorite HHs of all time.

    Besides that amazing score, almost all of my HH purchases have been made because the discount made me do it lol. Including the KP corc yesterday! In fact, I'm having a hard time thinking of one that wasn't made because of the discount...oh, blueberry Jinhee. I was waiting for that one and pounced on it when it popped back up. :yes: And the majority of my bags have been amazing, even if they ended up going to a new owner eventually...I've loved almost all of them!
  13. This was a few months ago and it was anthracite, soooo pretty!
  14. Oh man, that's a loaded question. I loved the $88 price for my Cordovan Wyeth clutch. I felt that was probably my best deal. I also went ballistic over over the Celina and Ramone cuffs.
  15. Have to say the $84 Lorca I just bought...I was sort of vaguely considering the goldrush color but just really wasn't sure about it, and then it went to $84 and I said screw it, I like the style and the color is decent.

    I'm hoping I love it! If not, well, there's always the Celine cuff ($39), t shirt ($12) and laurel flats ($200 and something, no discount, dammit) coming!