I swear I'm ready to cut it all off...

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  1. Help, I need suggestions. I'm really disliking my hair right now. It's just long and puffy with no style! (My own fault, since I haven't gotten a haircut since June!) But seriously, should I do it?! Should I chop it off? It's been long since I was in the 2nd grade. I took some self shots in the bathroom mirror this morning after I washed it...sorry, they're kinda dramatic (lol), but to be fair to my fro, it has no products in it and has not yet been tamed in the pics. It's really thick so will shoulder length look okay?! I was thinking a color change too, but I don't know. My hair is actually darker IRL than in the pics. Ugh! Help. lol!

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  2. I think your hair is very pretty! But, if you want to change it up, what about a touch longer than shoulder length, b/c it seems curly/wavy, w/ long layers throughout so it does not get too puffy? You could add some highlights, maybe reddish or if you wanted lighter, I've seen ppl w/ dark hair put in lighter brown (I'm blond, so I can't recommend dark highlight ideas!).
  3. first off your hair is beautiful!!

    second...hair grows so cut it!!! i actually about a month ago cut off 12 inches and im so glad i did it. its refreshing!!! and i know it will grow back!!
  4. Your hair is gorgeous! I don't see why you'd want to chop it all off. Anyway, maybe a few longer layers if you insist! I think your waves would look great once you give them a little shape.
  5. If you want to cut it off, then go for it! I just got 10 inches cut off last week and love my new chin, length bob! It's only hair and will grow back.
  6. your hair is beautiful! maybe 4 inches off w/ long layers.
  7. maybe cut it more towards shoulder length. i'd say don't change the color too much, it suits you, and i think going lighter would look really unnatural. also, maybe try flat ironing it? as everyone here knows, i'm a big ghd fan...using a flat iron once in a while can really change you look.
  8. I used to use a flat iron a lot more...until it got too long to deal with it. lol I still do it once in a while, but mostly wear it natural. What is ghd??? Is it a particular flat iron, because I really need a new one. This is the one picture I have on this computer where you can kinda of see my hair flat ironed.

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  9. It's just hair - it will grow back but maybe if you always had long hair you will be sorry ;)
    On the other hand you are a stunning beauty I'm sure that a pixie cut would look great on you. You should try it at least once in your life :yes:
  10. Maybe cut it shoulder length..and add lots of layers.
  11. Ok first of all, you are soooooo pretty! :girlsigh:

    I think you have really pretty hair, but to be honest, it seems to overwhelm your face a little bit, because there's just SO much of it! I don't think you should cut it off, though.

    I have hair similar to yours and 2 summers ago my power was going out constantly, so I couldn't heat-style my hair. I had this big, heavy, unruly fro and it made me feel hot and miserable all the time. One day I got so mad I had it cut chin length. I learned the hard way that an angled bob does not work on thick, wavy hair :sad:

    It took over a year to grow it back and I hated it the whole time. I've vowed to never cut my hair out of frustration again. I think that you should ask your stylist to cut a a few inches off and cut more layers to thin it out a bit. If you still want it short, you can always cut more, but once it's gone all you can do is wait...
  12. OMG, you look exactly like my sister except she has blue eyes. You're freaking me out!!!