I swear I will eat my neighbors children

  1. To begin, I live in SC, on a quiet little town street with mostly families and stay at home moms...good little road, pretty peaceful because of the big church nearly across from me.

    For the last 20 minutes SO and I have heard knocking sounds on our doors and windows, only to open the door and discover no one is outside (big wooden blinds are in the closed position). Low and behold we open the door the last time very quickly and there is some bratty little jerk in the front yard throwing ROCKS at my windows and doors!!!! He hid in the bushes at first and I spotted him and yelled "HEY, KID!!!" and he ran off down the street! Why is he not in school?! Where are his parents?! I'm 22 years old and feel like an old person yelling at the neighbor about their pet dog, though my 80 year old-man neighbor next door just told me I should set out bear traps...hahaha I love an elderly person with a great sense of humor :boxing:

    I've had this issue since I first moved in! The first year I moved in a pile of kids threw all of my pumpkins off my front porch and broke them up in my yard (I love pumpkins, I wanted to kill them :cursing:). I've received 4 notices about my grass being one 1/2 inch higher than it is supposed to me within the last three years, and I've come outside to city officials taking pics of my yard at 9am in the morning, blocking me in when I have to get to class, because a female neighbor called to say that my newly mowed grass was too high. These women cross over to the OTHER side of the street when I pass by. OMG WHAT DID I EVER DO?!!? I never throw parties, my house is always quiet, no loud music...grrrr!!! They have even called the city on me for leaving my trash can out a day longer than I was supposed to!!! :mad:

    The other day I looked out the window and two women that really do not like me (they tend to whisper and point when I pass by) were stopped across the road speaking to two men. They pointed to my yard and the man walked over, and let his dog poop in my yard!!! What the heck?!

    How do you guys handle nasty neighbors? My Dad wants to stick a victorian claw-foot bathtub in my yard and plant flowers in it and then see what they say about the grass after that!

    Omg and while I was sitting here typing they came back again! Two of them now! Call me *****y but I called the police, hah, cop is wandering the neighborhood to see if he can find them. If they weren't throwing stones at my glass windows and doors I probably wouldn't be so annoyed, but since they are, well, the cop should scare them a bit :p
  2. That sucks! As terrible as this sounds do you think they don't like you because your young? (You look young in your photo). What makes you different from them? They sound very cliquey.

    Oh, DUH! You said you were 22. Not a kid but younger, KWIM?
  3. last year we had a HUGE problem with neighborhood kids playing on our porch/yard. our house is under construction and there are nails, pieces of wood, rusty scaffolding, bricks and all kinds of other things a kid could get hurt on....that we'd be liable for. i'm 22 as well....i think that had a huge influence on them thinking that playing in our yard was okay.

    first we asked them nicely not to play in our yard, explaining they could get hurt. then we stated not so nicely that it is unnacceptable to play in our yard. finally we had to go talk to their parents. that seemed to work....i've only had to remind one little girl this year not to play in our yard.

    since you say the neighbors seem to hate you and go out of their way to make your life harder, talking to the parents might not work for you....but it's worth a shot.

    good luck!
  4. Well, that's suxs!! Did you just move to that area?
  5. Get a BB gun. LOL
  6. HubbaWubba, I'm tempted to, lol

    They just came in my yard again, dumped trash, and ran off. I came out, and they were standing with some friends. I approached the friends, and asked who the kids were (the kids ran off quickly when they saw me). They said they had no idea who they were. At this point, the cops aren't doing a thing. They are apparently 15 and ranted on about how it was a free country, they can do what they want, and I can't take away their green card...? huh?... oh well. I guess it's time for the bear traps
  7. I think you should eat your neighbors too. It sounds like they're the type of people to tell their kids to do that stuff to your house. They obviously don't want you in the neighborhood for some reason, so maybe they think by making your life miserable you'll move. The only way this will get resolved is if you say something to them. Something along the lines of "I don't know what I ever did to you, but I strongly suggest you stop letting your kids vandalize my house" Then I would anonomously call the cops on them a few times as payback. Maybe put up a fence too, it adds value to your house and keeps the kids and dogs out.
  8. UGH! Sorry. You think their parents would have taught them better than that! My guess is they are out of school because of Easter break.
  9. i agree--get a bb gun. hahah
  10. This reminds me of my sis and I when we were kids. We'd go around our village and just randomly ring doorbells and then make a run for it. :p One time, we rang the doorbell of our neighbor living three houses down from ours. We were totally caught by surprise when the owner turned their sprinklers On! We were soaking! We knew it was to teach us a lesson. We didn't bother them after that! teeeheeeeheeee
  11. Sorry to hear about your troubles. My neighbors were a bit of a pain, but as they've gotten older they have calmed down alot, and I am friendly with their father. If you have an alderman, he might be a good person to get involved. My alderman is a bit of a nut, but is very effective in talking to people and getting things done. If you live in an association, they would be the people to talk to.
  12. Get yourself a video camera and tape the little swines, then show it to the police. You can't stop the neighbors from pointing but you can stop the invasion of privacy/harassment. Don't allow them to make your life miserable. Good luck.
  13. Am I the only one who checked this thread to make sure it wasn't my neighbor complaining? Ok, I'm jk'ing (my son is only 6).

    Seriously- good luck with whatever ya end up doing. That would drive me crazy! I would call the police too. That will certainly make the parents aware of what the children were doing (they should know what their kids are doing anyway!). And it will hopefully scare the stinkers!
  14. ITA
  15. OMG!!! That sucks! I'd build a fence and a "No Tresspassing" (sp?) sign out so they can be arrested if they walk onto your property!!!

    I'd throw rocks back at them too!