I swear, I swear...

  1. I saw a grenat first at the theatre - on screen. DH and I went to see a flick, and the new Pepsi commercial came on. At the beginning, there's a girl holding what appears to be a first - gorgeous! My first and only sighting!!
  2. DH and i will be watching a movie tonight...will be scoping out for that pepsi commercial. wait a minute...i might have seen that commercial on tv. is that the one w/ the giant pepsi ball rolling down hills, through the city, etc.? i think i saw it the other night, but the girl and the bbag went by so quick. i could be wrong. :s
  3. Yep - that's the one! She's at the beginning, and she swings around to look at the ball rolling by - swinging what looks like a first! Let me know if you agree!!! I like that commercial by the way!
  4. heehee...that is the commercial! :nuts: so funny how we're excited about it. but yah, i could've sworn i saw a classique too. i saw the tassels swinging. :roflmfao: i don't remember if it looked like grenat though. the girl and the bbag went by so quickly. good eye, ally!

    i like that commercial too!
  5. I have a Grenat First and she is my DH's favorite Balenciaga - the color is TDF! :love:

    I would totally freak if I saw one on screen! :nuts:
  6. Thanks for sharing the info. I will keep an eye out for the commercial.

    I thought I either saw a grenat or rouge theater bag on the Agency (VH1) the other night. The camera never showed the bag straight on so I couldn't tell for sure. Did anyone else watch the show and see a Bbag (it was when the two women were at a bar)?
  7. i haven't seen this commercial but very exciting news...will keep an eye out