I swear I have the worst luck with customs!!!

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  1. I was soooooooo excited because a bought a great city bag from a great seller that was so sweet to ship it overnight and once again customs is screwing me over. It is stuck in customs this time (lets hope they choose not to mark it) and now instead of it coming today it may come Monday maybe....:crybaby: They need another form from the seller or something...So Unfair... Did I mention I dislike customs because the bag is only about 40 minutes from my house sitting there calling to me and I am stuck waiting...

    Oh wait well I am wrong at least they called me this time... First the bag is not in Rochester like tracking said.. It is still in TN :cursing: . The problem is NOT with the seller but with ME. I have to fill out a form as an importer?? Since I had the value of the bag marked.

    BUT the good news is that I MAY be able to pick the bag up at Fed Ex tomorrow. :yahoo:
  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh sh*ttty.... :sad:
    Hope you'll get it IN TIME, hopefully today... do you know what kind of form you need to fill out?
  3. Aaauuuggghhh! Stupid customs. Don't they know we can't wait for our Bbags?
  4. No, not today they said as it is still quite a few states away. I already filled filed the form out and faxed it back So hopefully it will start moving and be to me by tomorrow!!

  5. i really hope so!!!!!!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: just one more sleepppp missy... ONE MORE!! :shame:
  6. I know one more day is not going to kill me. Monday won't kill either. It just is fed ex and customs that irk me.
  7. I've never received anything from over seas as of yet, but I can imagine the feeling of having something so close and not being able to get to it, and it sucks!
  8. Unreal. I hope you get it soon.
  9. gosh, i'm sorry to hear about your customs troubles meemie :sad:...i had a little problem the last time i shipped to the U.K. via fedex...they were still calling me even after the package was delivered :wtf:...it kinda freaked me out & now i'm really scared to ship outside the U.S.A. :s
  10. Fedex and UPS get always stuck in customs, you just have to get used to it...:sad: now the good thing is that you know exactly where your bag is...good luck!
  11. oh geez, sorry you had to go through it all again!! I too, have the worst luck with everything yikes! I hope your bbag arrives safely, and unmarked (fingers crossed) goodluck!
  12. Hopefully, Unless the storm that is supposed to hit delays things. I should be able to pick up my bag tomorrow at fed ex. I am going that way anyway and I really want it!! If not I am assuming that I will see it on Monday. I should be fine about it but I am just so impaitent that it kills me. I just love overnight shipping!!
  13. Sorry to hear about the customs troubles!!!! I hope you get your back soon. Don't forget to show pics!!