I swear, I didn't plan to buy another birkin this year but...

  1. It's true! I thought I was done with birkins this year until I went to NYC!

    About two weeks ago, my bf took me to NYC. We checked in the hotel, had a quick lunch, then he said that we should go have a look at the H store on Madison. The original plan was to check their inventory for my sister. Didn't find what was on her wishlist. Then I started inquiry what was in the back. While the SA disappeared behind the door, to my left was a lady looking at a 35 white birkin. To my right was a gentlemen looking at a black one. Then the SA came out, started telling me what was in the back. I interrrupted her and asked for a 30 soleil only to find out they had one but was sold that morning. The SA continued to list and figured there might be one I'd be interested in. It sounded interesting, asked to see it ... and now it's mine!
  2. Let's see
  3. yeah! let's see!!!!
  4. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Something blue!!!!!! Pretty blue!!!!
  5. Oh and a special thanks to my sister who ended up delivering the bag to me. Thanks sis! :hugs:
  6. Yes, something blue ...
  7. BIGGER pictures please!
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    I only see 1 handle!!!
  9. Which blue?
  10. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO SOOOO pretty!!!!
  11. MrsS, you have to forgive, me i haven't learned the command to have the photo to be realized in its actual size. Please let me know how!
  12. Picture is not big enough. Can't really tell the skin and colour.
  13. OMG!!!! What's the hardware?
  14. I don't have my contacts in but it looks like gold HW? Okay, I am on a ban but this I'm lusting after...
  15. blue paon? it's gorgeous!