I swear I almost died a little inside today....

  1. I was on the bus up to campus today and some guy nearly sat on my Twiggy!! He had those spikey belts and had his jeans sagged down around his bum. He was just 2 inches away but saw a seat next to his friend and left to go over there instead. I immediately snatched up my bag and gave it a hug. :love:

    I swear if he impaled my bag, I would go ballistic! :hysteric: I told my BF over the phone that I may have just gone nuts enough to puncture him with his own belt unless he promised to replace the bag! :p
  2. Congrats on your near miss. I felt a cold lump in my tummy just reading about it:wtf:
  3. I feel your pain. A bag boy knocked my City to the floor at the check-out aisle the other day and I actually yelled at him. My son was sitting in the shopping cart sucking on his bottle and gave me a look like "Geez mom, give him a break. It's just a bag." I turned and looked at my husband. He just smiled and said "You know it's only a bag!!!"

    They just don't get it.
  4. Goodness...close call. People don't understand how precious and valuable these bags are. I would almost rather the guy sit on my lap and impale my thigh than sit on my bag.
  5. This past weekend PHH, me, and our daughter went shopping and I took my jacket off and put it in the shopping cart, then put my caramel purse on top of it. A little while later PHH said..."I hope that isn't a high-dollar purse cuz there is something sticky all over this cart!" Agghhhh! Seems there was sticky cola all over the entire cart. My jacket was washable and my purse was flawless. But it was a close call, so I understand your panic!
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Today was my FIRST day with my first BBag (Amande/Light Olive Twiggy.) I was sitting in a meeting in the early evening, with my bag on the chair next to me on top of my wool coat. The woman sitting on the other side of the chair leaned over to talk to me and started flicking the ballpoint pen in her hand at my bag. All I could think was, "TAKE YOUR FRIGGIN' PEN AWAY FROM MY BALENCIAGA, WOMAN!" I simply lifted up the other end of my coat and gently wrapped it over the bag.:supacool:
  8. Whoo...that was a close call! And what would you even say to the stranger? Get this, my cousin had her new bag, and her husband got a nosebleed and bled all over the handle. Now tell me, is that a little "inside death", or what?
  9. close call liz!!!! whew!!!
  10. I have said those very words, right out loud. ;)
  11. Thank God for such a close call!!
  12. Thank goodness he sat in the other seat! I don't know what I would've done :push:
  13. We need to invent Balenciaga Alarms....
    if someone gets too close to the bag a recorded voice would say
    "Please step away from the bag"

    Glad your Bbag is okay!!:sweatdrop:
  14. I wholeheartedly agree :yes: .
  15. :sweatdrop: :cursing: :sweatdrop: