I survived!

  1. My middle son's first boy girl party! My middle son, who just turned 13...his best friend just moved back from England Wed...so we threw him a surprise party yesterday.

    4 hours with about 20 young teens...fun :weird: ...lol. No sooner had the invites go out, then my DH found he had a memorial service he had to go to :push: .

    Oh, well it was a smash and son and friend were both please as punch!

    I made really cool wristbands for invites and had a make your own taco/nacho/burrito bar...make your own pizza station...sundae bar...and chocolate fountain.

    Thank goodness we have a game room with pool table, ping pong table, darts etc because it was pouring rain.

    DH left about 10 minutes after the kids got here, and got home as the parents were picking the kids up....hmmm....lol
  2. OMG..I dread my daughters first mixed party..LOL..shes almost 11 and still thinks boys have cooties...rofl!!Great party ideas!!!Good mom!
  3. ^^^oh, you are so lucky! Enjoy the last few years. My eldest just went off to college...so when this one turned 13....I said, augh, I just got rid of one teenager...lol.
  4. For some strange reason, that sounds fun.
  5. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^
  6. Thanks...all the parents came in at drop off time and said can we stay...lol...almost all of the had to try the chocolate fountain. I highly recommend it...super easy, and huge hit and wow factor :smile:
  7. Oh teens! Congrats on surviving, they can be so harsh!
  8. Your dh left when the house was packed with kids?? :nuts: What? Dad does not take pics or videos anymore? No, barbeque?

    K... Twinkle... I think your're "Da Bomb":yes:
  9. ^^^he had no choice, his best friends mom passed away, he had to attend the memorial...I only didn't go because the party was already planned.
  10. ^Sorry about your dh bfs mom... :flowers:
    I don't have kids of my own. But, I've been through everything with my nephew and niece. They're great kids. So glad they're all going to Lowell. I probably feel ackward when we meet again. Then they're off to college. *sigh* They grow up so fast. I still remember washing them in the vanity and they were so tiny!
  11. my little brother had his first dance yesterday, so i was equally nervous. He's growing up too fast!
  12. Good to hear they all had fun :smile:
  13. Sounds like they had a great party :smile:!
  14. Odd, as a father, I really look forward to these kinda of things. Tristan's 11, so I don't have too much longer to wait!

    Glad everything turned out ok.
  15. LOL, probably because you don't have to do the cooking and cleaning....or do you?