I survived Black Friday! Post your success stories!!

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  1. I did it! I survived yet another Black Friday! That's one more notch on my belt! If you haven't heard the hell-ish Black Friday then go here. http://forum.purseblog.com/general-discussion/black-friday-camping-advice-209673.html
    This year was completely different. I went at 8:30pm this year, happy to see that I was the EIGHTH person in line! (the patrol was there and cops too!!) I pitched my tent, mattress, sleeping bags, blankets, throws, lawn chairs, board games, food, tea, coco, and other things like gloves and what not. My friends came about 30 minutes later, and fiance joined too! We made friends with our neighbors, from the first person to the eighteenth person. :] We called ourselves "Team" and helped each other out. Taking turns driving to the restroom, and the near by Denny's for more fresh hot food. We all played games together and shared a lot of laughter. The board games were a hit for the Team. Scatagories, but maybe it was because we were going delirious by then?? When it was 4am Walmart employees came out with shopping carts full of hot fresh coffee, juice, and donuts yelling, "Whooohoo! Look at you guys freezing! Let's get some hot coffee, and get ready to shoooop! Ya ready??" They did a great job to hype us up! They passed out tickets, and when it was almost time to go in, the cops saw people were swarmed near the caution tape blocking them off from the front of the line. (trying to cut us!) So on the police car's loud speaker he announced all the people not in line (near the caution tape) needs to head to the back of the parking lot behind the building where the line is ending, there would be no cutting. If they do not immediately move, they will be evacuated from the premesis immediately! He even acknowledged us campers saying we do not deserve to have anyone cut, we've been camped out all night. The crowd went wiiiiiild!! :wlae: When it was time to go in, all the Walmart employees lined up as a tunnel inside for us to go through, (because I was the eighth person inline, I got to be the first 50 people in!) and the othr employees lined up around the end of the tunnel.. All clapping for us and screaming. I, who has been up for almost 48 hours by then, went histerical! I have no idea why, but I felt like a football player running through that tunnel. I kept raising my arms saying, "I did it!! I won!!" bouncing up and down. :lol: (the lack of sleep was making me hysterical!!) My fiance kept hitting my feet with his cart because I was moving too slow, not moving fast enough. I was too into the cheers. Haha, the employees were laughing because I was going crazy cheering with them. Plus I probably looked a hot mess with all these clothes on me, looking like a bum. My hair was a mess! Once I passed that happy tunnel, I RAN like crazy through the middle of the store. (Behind me was a huge gap, I was running too fast and the people lined up behind me were also getting into that happy tunnel. I bet they too felt like they won a million dollars!) I came across a huge mountain of video game chairs with built in speakers, too tall for my little short Asian self, so I had to jump and punch it off into my cart. At that time, my friend took the lead in the pack running. I followed her, and we ran to get cameras (first in line!) and GPS systems. We got everything we wanted! Even kitchen appliances for only $2.95! :tup: It was amazingly soooo organized. Much better than how Best Buy did it last year! All the cash registrars were open, so my wait was only about 2 minutes! I GOT EVERYTHING IN 45 MINUTES! Then I was outta there to go home to drop off my things, and hit the malls! Haha. (Got jeans for myself for only $10!! :tup: And they fit perfectly! Usually I have to get a 0 short, and I still have to get them hemmed! This time the regular size was perfect! Found a great place for jeans finally! Searching my whole life!) I was done with my shopping at 9:20 am! Got my whole shopping list done! Went home to rest and nap with fiance before he went to work. I was suppose to go back out at 5pm to shop more with my Mom, but she said she had to change plans. Which was good too, I was beat. And needed moooore sleep!

    Anyways, thought I'd share! It was awsome!:yahoo:

    Anyone else have good/bad stories to tell?? I'm dying to hear!
  2. I survived it as well. I stayed in bed. :smile:

    Glad you got through it okay!
  3. ^ You stayed in bad at home??
  4. Heres's the camp! My text and chairs! 8th in liiiine! :sweatdrop:

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  5. Yup. I'm pathetic.

    Seriously, I'm a horrible procrastinator. I'm the one you see on X-Mas eve, pawing through the ruins.
  6. Those last minute lines frustrate me because theres nothing much to rumble through! I tried doing some last minute shopping that day, but I felt soooo unsuccessful!! Ever do online shopping??
  7. Yeppers. In fact, last year, I never stepped foot into a store. Did it all online, and it was great. I have too many guys to buy for, and it was sooo easy to find stuff for them online. The gals however, it's not as easy. I usually make them jewelry, I still have all my tools and stuff.

    I HATE crowded stores. I use a wheelchair and people just don't see me that low to the ground. It's a nightmare.
  8. OMG. I only did this whole black friday thing 2 years ago at best buy. we went straight to best buy after the club and stood in line for a few hours. we weren't anywhere near being 8th or 20th in line, but we got some stuff.

    im not into the whole waiting in line thing and beating sales and crowds.

    i went to work today and got paid double and didnt go shopping at all. :P
  9. I'm walking, and people STILL dont see me period! I have to be like, "HELLO?! Can I get some freakin service here!" Yah, online is such a help! I looooove QVC!
  10. LOL love your story OP.

    Anyhow, I initially had no plans on going anywhere near a mall on Black Friday. Me being me, I was really impatient to get something that I really wanted from Chanel so I decided to risk it.

    I went to Ala Moana shopping center and there was traffic on the way, but that was due to the fact that there was a HUGE football game for the University of Hawaii that had traffic backed out from the football stadium.

    Anyhow, after I passed that traffic on the freeway it was clear sailing all the way to the mall! I found parking sooo easily. I just parked at the complimentary valet at Neiman Marcus! It was so quick and so easy. I was really surprised and happy that they weren't full. I tipped the valet guy $5 anyways when I got back though so technically it wasn't "free". Whatever, saves me the hassle of driving around for 20 minutes trying to find parking in a busy mall with rude drivers.

    I got exactly what I wanted (not on sale) and went home straight after! Okay, so I didn't really get anything of a bargain on black Friday, but that's about as far as it went for shopping on my part. I can't do the whole camping thing lol. Unless Chanel did a Black Friday sale, then I'd camp out WAY before lol.
  11. You sound like you had so much fun!
  12. I went with my mom and younger sister and it was definitely a hell-ish experience. I wrote about it somewhere else on the forum but i can't quite remember where since I went to so many different sections of the subforums...but it was pretty bad wait and the amount of people at the mall was ridiculous but we got some great sale prices on michael kors shoes, cashmere sweaters, scarfs, gloves, kitchen appliances, vaccum, jewelry, a set of bed comforters, and a bunch of other stuff...i definitely won't be doing it again next year though...it was WAY too exhausting!
  13. my success story: i FINALLY fell asleep at 4am..woke up at 535am.. got to employee parking lot at 640am.. got shuttled to work by 650am. had work at the mall since 7am to 4pm. i'm alive.. and that's my success story. our store didnt have sales or specials, but we had a lot of people nonetheless and it was very tiring!
  14. I love these black Friday stories as we don't have anything that comes close to sales like that here. I`ve been reading all the threads about it and had my American friends tell me about it, but I still can`t seem to grasp it properly - I'm really fascinated!
  15. who is OP?? And I'm glad you got goooood parking! When I was leaving the mall, (9 am ish) the mall was getting super packed with only parking super far. This butthole accidently passed my car as I started backing up and he stepped on his breaks trying to back up to get into my spot when I was still in my spot! I had to sign with my fingers to tell him to move up! He moved like half an inch! It's like if I cant get out, you cant get the sport stupid!! Lucky you. :]