I sure like these, I hope that DH loves them!

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    My husband's birthday is coming up soon and he is very hard to shop for. I got him some tech gifts for Christmas and he really liked them but now I am out of techie ideas.

    So I have picked up a few items in the hope that that he likes them. He is always nice and appreciative of my gifts, but he just never uses them if he doesn't truly care for them. And sometimes I take things back because I know that they were a miss and he never notices that they are gone - proving that I was right - he didn't really like them.

    So far for his birthday I've purchased 3 Tommy Bahama items (a sweater, a light jacket, and a sweatshirt) because it has been a very cold winter, and I've also bought some favorite DVDs and a book I think he will like. All very nice but nothing too exciting.

    So the other night I checked out the FOS looking for inspiration and I ended up ordering 2 men's items. They were offering free shipping on any order and an extra 10% off the discounted prices so I figured it was worth a try. I am very pleased and I think that the items are terrific and so I hope he likes them too.

    But if anyone has suggestions for great gifts for DH please let me know right away!

    Here's the first item (and if he doesn't like it, I'm keeping it for myself!) A FP delete Bleecker Colorblock Half-Zip Wallet in Navy and Neutral, 74666 NV/NT (MSRP = $158; Paid $56.88)

    It is really nice (I've always love the Bleecker line!) It has a few card/bill slots, a detachable ID window holder with an extra bill card/bill slot, and a detachable keychain inside a small compartment, and I love the colors! Here's some pics and a drill-down photo.

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    Here's the second item I ordered for my husband's birthday. I've mentioned that I love Coach gloves for myself so I decided to get a pair for him too and these are scrumptious!

    They are FP delete fawn Deerskin Gloves with 100% Cashmere lining, 82867 FWN (MSRP = $148; Paid $53.10).

    The deerskin leather is incredibly soft and supple and the fawn color is beautiful but they also had them in black and dark brown. If I ever see ladies gloves in deerskin you can bet that I will get a pair for myself!

    Here are a few pics and a drill-down photo, do you think that the men in your life would like these gifts?

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  3. I really like the gloves and wallet and they're a great deal. Where did you order the wallet? Cos I would love that for myself. hehe
  4. That wallet is nice! I may have to show DH and see if he'd like that style. What a great price!

    The gloves look scrumptious. Not much need for them here in FL, so they don't tempt me, but I love the color. Lucky DH!
  5. I love those gloves! My daughter was looking for gloves for her boyfriend over Christmas and when we went to the outlet, they didn't have any. I wish we could have found these!

    I was just looking at that wallet on ebay for $99. I love the key clip. I wish they would put those on more things. I think the wallet is beautiful and functional.

    My DH doesn't carry a wallet or wear gloves (we live in California where only I'm cold enough to need gloves).
  6. Very nice wallet and gloves. The glove are a great color too. Great gift items !
  7. I think both are very nice looking and would make excellent gifts!
  8. So nice! You have the same idea I had. I bought 2 Coach wallets for my hubby for his birthday. But, I have to wait until May to see if he likes them. I really like the wallet you found! Very nice! The gloves are gorgeous too. I looked at gloves, but I need to spread out my purchases or he'll be suspicious....So I'm going to be looking for additional items to buy.... I hope he likes them!
  9. Beautiful! My son will turn 17 in August, and I'm considering getting him a Coach wallet for his birthday.
  10. My husband would enjoy these types of gifts. In fact, he already has Coach gloves and a Coach wallet. I have also gotten him gifts from LV and Gucci in the past. I don't think you can go wrong with a good quality wallet. Every guy needs a wallet. With the crazy weather, the gloves will come in handy as well.
  11. I ordered them from the Coach Factory Online Sale (FOS) see the link below. You'll need to register to receive an invitation to the next sale but they offer a new sale every few days - and they may still have some of these wallets (or other new nice wallets!)

    It is a lot like an online Coach outlet; most of the items are made for factory but they also use the FOS to sell deleted boutique and clearance items. The wallet and gloves are both deleted boutique items that I got for at a fraction of the original retail prices.

    The FOS sale always offers free shipping for orders over $150 but they periodically offer other discounts. When I ordered these items they were advertising free shipping on any size order and a take an extra 10% off at checkout.

    When I order from the FOS I always pay with a credit card; they are happy to take Paypal but if you want to return an item you purchased with Paypal you will have to ship it back to Coach in Jacksonville FL for a refund. When I pay with a credit card I can return the FOS items to the outlet and they will credit my card.

    I think that you can also return FOS items at the boutiques but they may give you a merchandise credit instead of a refund, but I am not sure about that.

  12. Thank you! I love them and hope that he likes them too!
  13. Thanks! You know I've looked for men's gloves at the outlet several times too, and I was never very excited by the selection. All they ever seem to have are rather ordinary MFF gloves. I suppose that they must get FP delete gloves sometimes but never when I've been there.

    When I ordered these gloves from FOS I didn't know if they were MFF or FP deletes, but they were deerskin and 100% cashmere so they seemed special - I took a chance I got lucky because they are very nice!

    I love the key ring inside the wallet too! It attaches inside the little pouch with a snap. My husband often carries a thumb drive with him and I figure that the keyring will be a good way to store it.
  14. That's what I figured too, thanks!
  15. Thanks, it will be hard to wait until May but I hope he likes them!

    Good luck, I hope you find a nice one for him!