I surch the name of these bag !! please help me !

  1. Hey at all
    I've seen a girl in a store by the shopping mall yesterday. She had a beautiful little bag in the mono canvas look. At first I thought it would be the pochette with a long strap but then I saw it belongs so. I think it is a "tucker" bag ..Has anybody a idea which bag I mean?:sad: I didnt know how the name of this bag is and I didnt find them on the lv site. So I hope you can help me and show me some pics?

    thank you so much !:heart:
  2. Lol. Could be anything.. maybe a Looping or small Musette if it's a simple looking bag with a long shoulder strap? What shape was the bag part of it?

    Might be an idea to go to eluxury or vuitton websites and mosey on through all the monogram bags to find it.
  3. yeah right. a small musette it is !! it was small like a pochette , which size is that? where I can find them on the lv site? how much cost it?
  4. Just go to the site and search around, m'dear. The links are there, and prices are on each page! :yes: