I :superpuffyheart: etsy.com

  1. So since Icouldn't find a bag just yet and decided to wait it out and see if I found one Id truly fall in love with, I decided to buy a new purse organizer. I checked out Pursekets, Joey Jr. and the chameleons...they were all ok, but I happened upon a fabric I LOVED while checking out Etsy's selection of these things...

    I ended up buying one just like this:


    I had been using a *gasp* pursebright and really dig the light but since I have destroyed the organizer part, and have no clue how to sew one of my own, I needed a new one. So in searching etsy for other things...I found Tracy Joy. :smile: Loving her stuff. So I bought one of hers.

    I also bought a travel wallet and coinpurse from SewnSational, who I love her things. I actually drew her an idea I had for an all-in-one planner and travel wallet thing that if it is doable Id be first in line to buy! I drew one with a spot for a 3x5 6-ring binder style (modeled for myKate Spade one) and in lieu of a real planner, since lots of folks use Palms and stuff, a spot for one in place of the paper planner.

    I need to be blocked and banned from Etsy. We're gonna be poor and Ame will get no new bag.
  2. ame, be warned. I started out buying a little card case costing under $10 and 10 months later, have spent several hundred dollars on Etsy ;) Latest purchase is from this cute shop:


  3. Isn't it a delightful site? I have the feeling it won't be a 'hidden treasure' much longer - the craftspeople on Etsy are incredible.
  4. Yea it sucked me in. I bought random things here and there and successfully walked away with my wallet in check...but the last several weeks at work....its dangerous. Im fighting myself on this keyfob I love with cork on it...Its like 8 bucks and Im having a cow about it. I was able to dump $90 on freaking tiffany keyring...but 8 dollars for fabric and cork...unfathomable! haha

    I am strongly debating listing my custom invitations and thankyou cards on there too, since i do them as a side company...I have to work that out in my head because I don't want to get too big or overwhelmed and have no clue how to price that sort of stuff. I still have local brides to attend to....
  5. i have a DELISH etsy collection thanks to passerby, who has just GOT to love buying stuff :love: cuz i love stuff she buys hehe!
  6. No i have not but I have her as a favorite. Id love to have her make me some layering t's.
  7. VB, absolutely delighted to hear you love the Etsy stuff. What next, a barrette for Babette? :smile: The thought of Booey wearing that little "tiara" still cracks me up.

    ame - I must confess I don't understand the obsession with Tiffany, the jewelry on Etsy's much more desirable IMHO. But then I'm biased :smile:

    Love the stationery on Etsy as well, although I haven't bought any ... yet.
  8. Someone posted about Etsy the other day. I had never heard of them. Wow! What a site! I've been browsing all day.:yahoo:
  9. I agree--I like the handmade quality and the idea of having something one of a kind, and not having people ask if it's real or why I bought something so ridiculously frivolous...

    I bought it on my 18th birthday when we were in Dallas on a trip for my brother's club volleyball tournament, a gift to myself since I had started college and had a "real" job as well. I used it for several years, and retired it for a while, then got it shined up and reused it for a couple more years....then I got engaged--and had a HORRRRRRIBLE Tiffany experience (they chipped the stone setting it in the STL store since I selected my own stone and then LOST the whole ring sending it to NYC for a replacement stone and setting)...we got our money back and went elsewhere and I haven't been able to look at the keyring since without being annoyed! I oughta sell it or give it away.
  10. KatsBags, it's an awesome site, isn't it?

    ame, have you tried any of the bath and beauty products? My sis thinks I am crazy because I ordered floap (soap that floats!) from Gudonya (among other B&B sellers) and she sent it all the way to Singapore. Do you wear leather cuffs? I hope to see Radcow as a featured seller one day, her stuff is so cool, especially this wraparound cuff.


  11. Yknow I have eyed up cuffs in the past, but had found none I really liked. I actually barely wear my wedding set let alone anything else, though Im trying to work on that ;) Thanks for that seller, Ill go check it out!

    I have not ventured into bath and body beyond checking out lipbalms, but a coworker bought some kind of lotion that she LOOOOVES, Ill have to ask her which seller she uses.
  12. For the past several months, I've been reading the feedback on bath & beauty product sellers and would love to know who that seller is (for future reference). Thanks, ame. The good thing about many of the sellers is that they are members of the "Green & Clean Guild". Do you look at the Treasury lists often?
  13. I think I'm in trouble . . .I had no idea about this site and now my credit card is burning a hole in my pocket . . .Eek!