I suffer from anxiety..what should I do?!

  1. Here's the thing. I suffer from anxiety and most of the time I dont know how to deal with it. Today I took some diet pills and am now feeling REALLY restless, and anxious and feel like I want to puke. Now, I usually suffer from Nighttime anxiety (as soon as I lay my head on the pillow I start feeling jitters like shaking on the inside, heart racing, nervousness like if something is going to happen to me) but I've noticed that with diet pills it gets worse. Now, I have taken diet pills before and had the same reactions so I really dont know why I tried them again but now I think i've realized diet pills arent for me. Anyways, back to topic. Does anyone out there suffer from anxiety and nervousness? The last few months I have thoughts of something bad happening to me (like dying and stuff) and it even got a point where I couldnt even think about a future event without thinking "what if I die before then?"..now, I had a baby in March, (also have a 2 year old) got a birth control device inplanted in me, and my family puts ALOT of pressure on me due to their marital problems so I dont know if this has to do with anything. I dont have any illness because I just had a baby and was PERFECTLY healthy at the time and even the dr thinks I suffer from anxiety. I guess my question is what do you guys do if you suffer from this? Do you go on medication? I dont know what to do anymore! I have heard alot about the bad side effects of anxiety medication but I dont want to continue being anxious. It takes alot out of me!! Do you guys suffer from anxiety or am I doomed to be like this forever? Coudl I possibly have an illness and my body is trying to tell me? In the last months i have convinced myself that i have had diabetes, a heart attack (i dont have a history of ANY heart problems..) and all kinds of illnesses..sorry for my rant but i'm so desperate!!:sad:
  2. You need to chill out. First of all...STOP taking diet pills. They will only lead to heartache and possibly a visit to the hospital. They could be adding to your anxiety a lot. Are you just stressed? What kind of anxiety is it? Social? Just night sweats? Have you gone to talk with a counselor about some of the issues you are having?
  3. Stop with the diet pill, first and foremost. Then, you need to consider seeing a psychologist before even thinking about going on any psychotropic medication, as figuring out the root of your anxiety and working on decreasing it would be the first objective. There are very good methods psychologists use that helps deal with chronic anxiety. And yes, many of us have anxiety disorders so you are not alone. If you need help finding a good psychologist PM me.
  4. My daughter suffers from the exact same anxiety as you are suffering from. I can give you some info. if you'd like to pm me.
  5. elongreach- I think it's emotional stress. My mother and father are on the verge of divorce and my father puts ALOT of stress on me (he's a very jealous man and so he always has me spy on my mom, go everywhere she goes, it's endless..) and sometimes I feel like I have no one to turn to because I know absolutely NO ONE in texas. I started taking the diet pills today (ended up taking 4 Zantrex 3 pills today) but I dont know. As far as night time, I really dont know what it is. I dont know what night sweats are but I feel like if I go to sleep im not gonna wake up. I remember always feeling a slight bit anxious as a child but nothing like this.

    Irishgal- Thanks so much for your offer in helping me find someone! I will definently be PM'ing you in the future to find a psychologist.
  6. I can identify with what you described. As the others said, diet pills can bring on the symptoms you mentoned; so can caffeine. The rest of what you wrote tho, makes me think you need a specialist to determine if you have an anxiety disorder. He or she can determine what can help you. You're definitely not doomed to feel like this forever. I've had panic attacks and generalized anxiety. I've learned some behavior modification techniques that help and also have taken low doses of anti-anxiety meds when it's really bad and interfering with my life. There is hope! Ask your dr.for a referral.
  7. like everyone else has said, STOP the diet pills. some people are just really sensitive to them. same thing happened to me when i took them.

    and i've had panic attacks, on and off, for quite a few years. it accompanied my depression. i really wish i would have taken medication for the anxiety (i tried and failed with meds for depression)...in an attempt to get rid of the anxiety, i did some self destructive things to make myself feel better.

    as for meds and side effects...anything is possible. you have to weigh the pros and cons- would you rather deal with possible side effects or keep on being anxious?

    and, of course, there are non-medical things you can do to alleviate anxiety. have you tried some form of meditation?

    and i do think you may want to talk to someone about the anxiety and possibly pinpoint what exactly you're anxious about. you might be able to control it more that way.

    good luck! we're here if you need us!:heart:
  8. After a car wreck, I was on anti-depressants for three years. I felt like the whole world was out of control, and I kept having anxiety attacks during the day at work, at night when I was sleeping, and especially when I was driving. The worst one I ever had was in the shower - I thought I was having a heart attack. After the attack, my chest hurt the rest of the day! I went on antidepressants in desperation. I wasn't myself when I was on them, and ended up dosing myself off of them. I have learned to control the attacks by behavior modification techniques. I'm really sorry for you - I know the attacks are really scary. I hope everything works out for you. :smile: I'm sending good thoughts your way.
  9. Thanks you guys! Believe it or not, being on tPF is helping me alleviate alot of my anxiety because it makes my mind wander and not think about bad things..I wished no one suffered from this scary disorder but its also nice to be able to talk to people who have suffered from this and know that it's not the end of me! :smile:
  10. talking with people always makes me feel better...and this is SUCH a loving environment and i have yet to meet someone on here that isn't 100% supportive.
  11. It's not the end of you - we can get you through it! A loving environment is a huge help, as kallison says. We'll help in any way we can!
  12. Your symtoms reminded me of my younger sister. SHe went on anti anxiety pills for a while and it REALLY relaxed her to the point where she was soooooooo relaxed kind of like she was smoking "the weed". When she was on them, she was a different person way to relaxed. She was tired alot. Not sure a good idea to take those pills since you have kids! BUt she was looking into other more naturalistic or holistic remedies. I will ask when I talk to her again. I do hope you feel better- I'm sure you will!
  13. oh, forgot to mention that instead of trying to lose weight by using diet pills, high intensity work out might help you lose weight, stay healthy and help with relieving the stress you are under.
  14. Whoa whoa whoa... I didn't even finish reading your original post, because I needed to say- CUT the diet pills. Diet pills will make your heart race and are KNOWN to cause anxiety. You said you took a 'couple', well I think anyone would feel totally anxious and out of control if they did that. Diet pills really mess with your heart and body and health, that is really something you need to stop.

    Next, just breathe. The power of breathing is amazing for our bodies. Sometimes when you feel anxious, start to relax and take deep breaths in and feel them engulf your body, and then breathe out. Use your nose, not mouth and really try to focus on breathing- it helps alleviate stress.

    Lastly, you can and should find the root of your anxiety. Psychologists can really help you do this and it is perfectly normal and fine to go see one- I would venture to say many people have at least one time or another.

    Feel better... and just breathe!!
  15. Sometimes thats exactly what I forget to do..just breathe.

    I didnt know that diet pills really messed you up. I mean, I have been witness to so many people taking them ok but I guess my body is not up for them. I hope that I didnt do any damage to my body by taking them today.