I suddenly feel sooooo old

  1. I am listening to Cracker's Low on the radio and love it because it reminds me of college.

    I also feel beyond nestolgic (like, my heart feels weird) when I hear Counting Crow's Mr. Jones, and especially "Round Here."

    The funny thing is my DH puts all these cheesy 70s songs on my iPod (Elvis Costello, etc) because he is 11 years older than me, yet he doesn't feel old. When I met him 10 years ago when he was 34 he didn't seem old, yet I am 33, and suddenly feel beyond old.

    I shouldn't listen to the music, I guess :p

    Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. P.S. Right now they are playing Muse's "Starlight." I love this song. I first heard it when my Dad was battling prostate cancer, and then after the surgery to remove it they didn't give him his beta blocker (although he, and my mom, and I all abdgered them, but they had this 24 hour, no food by mouth rule and he didn't get his pill and had a heart attack) and THEN he got blood clots in his lung and had to stay in another week. Anyway the only bright spot in my week was that I first heard this song and loved it and downloaded it from iTunes to listen to.

    P.S. the station is radio1045.com. It's in Philly - I don't live in Philly anymore but my parents do.
  3. P.S. Please ignore my rambling
  4. I wish I was still 33!!!
  5. Honey, wait till you get to my age. I am sure you were merely a gleam in your Mommy's eye in the 80's when I was just graduating from high school.

    Ahhh the memories of that world. Roo world, circa 1980s, was an amusment park of too much hairspray and a 24/7 party. The bar looked like something out of "Miami Vice" and we were never carded. We could eat corn dogs for breakfast and not get fat, because all the cigs we smoked the night before jacked our metabolisms to the level of a hummingbird. John Belushi was in charge of operating all the rides, and Wendy O. Williams sang from every stage. Andy Warhol painted all the side show posters.

    The only requirement was that upon entering you had to genuflect to a life sized statue of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson hugging Sid Vicious.

    That is all.
  6. i totally have moments when i feel old!

    .. you're totally going to laugh at me, because i am ONLY 23! .. but i have clients that are 13 .. 14 .. 15 .. and i'm styling there hair for formals, etc. and they'll mention how they LOOOVE justin timberlake .. but they don't know who 'nsync is! .. or remember britney before rehab + kfed + kids ..

    .. i know it sounds super cheesy! .. but i was there age when 'nsync was popular & brit was at the peak of her career .. so i feeel sooooo old when they say things like that! :]
  7. ^^^:yes:Hmmmm, yes me too. That was twenty years ago.:wtf:
  8. I starting to feel old when I started loving Oprah! lol.

    Let me explain, My moms, aunts and other older people I knew just loooved her show. I just didn't get the fascination. At all. I always thought it was an older gal thing. Now, I love her show. One day I forgot to DVR it and as I was racing home to watch it. I thought 'wow, I'm getting old" lol.
  9. I had a freak out moment when I was posting something in the Beauty Bar subforum about lip gloss or lip balm and I started rambling how I love Bonne Bell Lip Smacker and I've been using it for....thirty years. Um, gulp...I was 10! OMG that's THIRTY YEARS AGO, holy sh*t!!

    I too had these moments of OMG I'm getting older in my late 20s and into my mid 30s too. I guess it's like growth spurts for our brains, LOL.

    Roo, I was at that party too m'dear, hehehehehe.
  10. Hey I'm so old that I can remember when "safe sex" meant your parents were gone for the weekend!
  11. Sometimes I feel old when I can appreciate the ORIGINAL 80's style that's come around again. Generally I don't feel old though. I'm only in my early 30's...though I did have someone say I was ancient when I told them I graduated high school in 1992! But I suppose I should consider my audience at the time. They graduated high school in 2005.
  12. lol and i never told anyone about because i was afraid to sound silly i feel soo old myself ! im 31 and remember the times when i would turn MTV on and couldnt stand all the old songs i didnt have a clue about on the greatest hits programme...now when the greatest hits is on i know words to each and everyone of them...OLD ! :nuts:

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: As Bob Hope would say "Thanks for the Memories"
    Have the slightest margin on ya- but I sure do remember. The 80's a decade of excess.
  14. Roo - I am with you. It is hard to see the 60's, 70's and 80's come around again.

    I felt fine till my body started falling apart, and now I FEEL my age. My Resolution is to start fighting it. Deal with Gray Hair, PeriMenopausal weight gain and insomnia. How did this happen, anyway?

    I had started a walking program... but I sprained my ankle.

    The old music is the one thing I can Live with..LOL It is the least of my issues.
  15. I'm 35 and I feel old when I listen to the '80s station on Sirius and the songs don't sound old at all. Then I'll look at the year the song was made and it'll say 1983 or something and I'm like whoa, that was over 20 years ago!