I suck

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  1. and I am so hammered right now and feeling sorry for myslef.]\

    someone just talk to me aobut this expensive bAG.
  2. AND HEADS UP! I invited all of you tob Club Bagnshooooooooo
  3. Are you OK, bagnshoo? I dunno that expensive bags are going to make you feel any better. :sad: It may be better to tackle what's wrong first. :flowers:
  4. oh sweeetie, bags have nothing to do with thisw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. always makes me feel better. whats up girl.
  6. okay,.. she probablt passed out on the computer with the bottle in her hand!
  7. Wake-up BSF!!! Wake-UP!!!
  8. Talk to us, grasshopper.
  9. Come on, spit it out! Rant away and you'll feel better.
  10. There's probably a man involved...sigh...who hasn't been there?
  11. lesbians?
  12. ....i suck too..........

    Well???? :shrugs:
  13. My granny, the French cajun that I quote here on tPF quite often, was a master at southern 'isms'. When I was a teenager and one of my main statements was that everything "sucked", granny would say in her Nor'leens drawl, "Sugar, if everything sucked, we'd all be happy!"

  14. poor girl, girls time to send hugs to BSF.

    HUGS!!!!!! XXXXXXX

  15. hopefully your not sucking on lesbians GF!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.