I Succumbed to the Sale Temptation...

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  1. Ok. I did it.

    I've been strong and passed up previous sales, but I couldn't resist this one. When I saw a bag that I really wanted last year on sale this year, I couldn't help myself.

    And it is every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be. It is an amazing bag! It's a very comfortable and practical style, and this color is so rich and gorgeous. It reminds me of a pearlized coffee bean. I tried to get good pictures but I still don't think they do this bag justice.

    I'd love to hear from anyone else who owns this color. I love brown bags and this one is just a stunner. I really can't get over how beautiful it is.

    Here's my choco crash MMS Midi! :yahoo:

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  2. Congratulations! I think you generally behave "too well"...
    I cant wait for your modeling pics!
  3. Very nice Tejasmama!
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous bag. You DESERVE this for all you do. Enjoy.
  5. i love your description... a pearlized coffee bean! i love the bag too, very chic!
  6. Congrats! It's really petty ... love seeing pics of this colour.
  7. What a gorgeous color! Congrats!
  8. Stunning, unique color. Congrats!
  9. tejas in the nicest possible way, it makes me feel a bit better about my BE habit that you have cracked and bought something!!!! you are usually being so good on the mindfull thread!!!!

    you're right, chocolate crash is an utterly stunning colour. i was so pleased about how dark it was when i got it. i was expecting it to be a sort of sparkly bronze, but you're right to describe it as coffee bean. the good news is that it wears in wonderfully and it looks fabulous with everything as it's somewhere between brown and black.

    the MMS is such a comfy bag to wear. i really dont wear my petrol one enough. you are inspiring me to change over to it.

    enjoy it in good health!
  10. GREAT bag and perfect description of the color! I have the very same bag in the MMS full size. I got it during the fall sale and wore it all winter. It goes great with so many colors. It has made it beautifully through rain and many trips on the Metro. I've gotten several compliments and many "checking it out" looks when I wore it.

    Glad to hear how happy you are with it!
  11. Gorgeous Tejas!!!

    Enjoy your new bag!!

    And I agree! You deserve it after all your mindfullness!!
  12. Gorgeous bag, TM!! You made a great choice! Choco Crash is one of my fave leathers and you've described it perfectly!! I haven't yet succumbed to the charms of the MMS, but am sure I will soon!
  13. I got a chuckle out of the mindful thing! I resisted as long as I could! I"m very happy, though, because I really love this bag and have absolutely no regrets, so for me, that is a success.

    I do think the choco crash can go with just about anything. It's just such a cool bag!
  14. Thank you, TG. That is most kind. :hugs:
  15. Jenny--the thing I love about this bag is that it is a satchel style with a zipper but still very comfortable over the shoulder. It can go either way, and I really love that. I've been carrying my petrol MMS on and off all summer and I just love it. It's very easy to manage. I can also imagine how gorgeous this would look in a WTM style. I could get myself into trouble if I'm not careful! It's just so unique and understated but still very special. Does that make sense?

    Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your well wishes. This isn't the kind of thing I can share with friends, so I'm happy that the Belenistas know what all the fuss is about!;)