I struck ~"GOLD!"~

  1. On our way home from a long 2 weeks away my hubby suggested we stop at the Barstow Coach outlet! Woooohooooo I struck gold! Take a look!
    I found a "gold" and khaki multifunction wallet:tup:
    A "gold" and khaki mini skinny:okay:
    a "gold" lurex wristlet:wlae:
    A signature flower fob:graucho:
    but there is one left to come for the grand finale!:nuts: I have never seen before at the outlets.
    Can you guess what it is?:supacool:
    Ebay Pics 659.jpg Ebay Pics 661.jpg Ebay Pics 660.jpg Ebay Pics 662.jpg
  2. Gorgeous finds! Congrats!! Love all the goldies & flower charm!
  3. Oh don't play with us like this! Post that picture!
  4. awesome! how much was the lurex wristlet?

  5. OK I'll play nice:upsidedown:

    I found a Medium Carly in Khaki and gold!!!:nuts::yahoo: Here she is with a group shot!
  6. OOOPS Here are the pics!:roflmfao:
    Ebay Pics 663.jpg Ebay Pics 664.jpg

  7. It was 30% off of $39.99!;)
  8. Gorgeous finds! How lucky you are!
  9. Awesome finds!! Thanks for sharing
  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ranskimmie, you are seriously past due for a collection shot! I KNOW you've collected multiple beauties lately, how about a group picture?:yes:

  11. Very true. I'll try to get to it soon;)
  12. :drool: Wow that's a beautiful set! And that your husband suggested your stopping...A guilt free shopping experiance~ Your husband is OK in my book:okay:. Now...If I can only get my husband to see the light...Still working on him.

    Since I no longer collect Boyds bears. (I started when my oldest went off to kindergarten. I found this really cool museum online. And made a list of all these retired no longer available bears. And went on a bear hunt! Now...I've outgrown that. Though I won't part with a milestone that got me through my son going off to all day EVERY day kindergarten.) But when I did do that collection thing...My husband took me on a trip to the Boyds Bear Country. Which is a good ways from us. And we stayed for the weekend and I got to go shopping!

    If I can only get him to see the light with Coach handbags...I'm trying to plan a vacation near a Coach Outlet someplace...:graucho:...Maybe him seeing the price cuts...Will cause him to find more locations near vacation spots...(One can only wish) But...Since I collect NOTHING but love Coach handbags...I see him leaning more toward giving me money for Coach bags. At least for Christmas and birthdays possibly~
  13. OMG!! I cant believe you found a carly at the outlets!! How much was it?
  14. Great find!!!
    Thanks for the gorgeous photos!
  15. wow you really did strike gold!! Congrats! :tup: Was the Carly a return?