I STILL want this...

  1. So, it kinda pissed me off that my last thread got closed because there was allegedly selling/buying going on in here. Ugh, people seriously need to read the ENTIRE thread/conversation before jumping to conclusions. Sorry for venting or offending anybody. It's just that my membership to tPF was jeoperdized and that made me sad.

    Anyway, that still doesn't change the fact that I STILL want this bag!!!


    Thanks to those who gave me tips in my journey as I track this bag down... lol! Oh yeah, and to those who wished me a Happy Birthday...

    Have a great day!

  2. I saw one of these a week ago at the Fashion Show Mall Macy's in Las Vegas. You could call them and see if they'd ship it.
  3. I saw your other thread and I'm confused as to why they thought you were buying/selling something...:confused1:
  4. I was confused as well. I didn't see anything that said buying or selling? :shrugs:
  5. It was just a conversation!:confused1:
    No harm meant!
  6. guys, the other thread got closed because someone offered to sell one to her if she was looking for it- which is clearly NOT allowed, unless you are a member of the mp. it was not txcollegegirl who was soliciting.

    everyone take a deep breath, lol. it'll be okay.

  7. ok, that makes more sense.....I thought they were accusing her of soliciting because she jokingly said "who wants to buy it for me" :wlae:
  8. nah. they're not that strict, lol. if someone got in trouble for saying something like that, we'd all in be trouble! :p
  9. ahhh i want one too! april 4th though. oh well, it gives me time to save up some $!
  10. I did see in your other thread that your birthday is one day before me. Happy happy birthday :yahoo:

    I hope you get your Coach present :jammin:

  11. Thats what I was going to say.:yes:
  12. Oh dear... you're gonna be a bit peeved at me then... I bought one of those at my local Macy's for 25% off about 2 weeks ago... $118 without tax. I took it back because as much as I wanted to love it, there was just too much color for me! I can see if they have any left, maybe they can send it to you?
  13. Aww... Thank you all SO very much for the birthday wishes, the understanding of my frustration, and contributing to my never ending search of this CUTE bag! Thanks to everybody and I'll let ya'll know AS SOON AS I GET MY NEW BAG!!! YAY, I'm so excited... lol...