I still want a Mandy

  1. :yes:

    Can't get over her!
  2. Nuff said! Go getr' girl! Its a Bee-U-Tee-Ful bag!!
  3. me too!!! but I have major major back problems, so way to heavy for me, until I get better
  4. I'm scouring eBay right now for her..I don't want to pay retail natch! LOL
  5. The San Marcos, TX Coach Outlet has the plum suede and the black suede Mandys for 50% OFF right now!:yahoo:
  6. I saw that too! The manager there told me they were the only store in the country to have them half off and it was bc they had too many (and most texans dont carry lots of suede bc its so warm here most of the time)
  7. Why can't they have the Whiskey half off?? :crybaby: I CRAVE her!
  8. If you really want the Mandy why don't you try and get it at the next PCE for 25% off. My SA told me today that Coach is having a PCE in early June.
  9. are there any no sales tax states near you where you could buy it to save tax? I love going to the coach outlet in rehoboth beach, deleware bc there's no tax at all, that saves a ton on expensive coach purses!
  10. Don't forget the outlets!

    I found my khaki/ebony sig Mandy there for a good price!
  11. no you did not!!!!!!!!!! WOW! That's the mandy I want!
  12. ^^I did!^^ Hehe!

    End of March.
    It was like, $560 after the 20% off.
    I couldn't justify it then, so I left.
    I went back a week later. It was still there!
    I Found 2 teeny pen marks on the inside lining.
    Manager marked it another 50% off!
    Got it for $331!:p
    And that's how I snagged my Mandy!
  13. stop!!! I'm SOOOOO SOOOO SOOO Jealous!!!! which outlet?
  14. WOW!!! Next time, I'm going shopping with you! That's an AWESOME deal!! :wlae:
  15. ^^LOL^^

    Up here at the Maine outlet! I am there once a week, I swear!
    That's why I prefer the outlet over the boutique...you never know what you are going to find!