i still need

  1. HELP!!!

    i've posted in the name this bag but no one has replied yet...:sad:
    i want to know the name of my new love (the big purse w/ buckle) & its original price... i'm also trying to find that years' coach website (2004)

    TIA :okay:
  2. Hold tight. Someone will be along shortly to help ya out.
  3. I used to own this bag in the khaki version, it was the largest version of this that they made and all I remember was it was called a buckle hobo...sorry, that's probably not much help...
  4. Glad to be of help! ;) :tup:
  5. what a cool website you found! You're awesome! I've only been Coach obsessed for about a year..I'm going to have fun browsing this website and looking at older bags! Thank you! :drool:
  6. You're welcome! I found it here on tpf some time back and have had lots of fun with it!