I still need help deciding!

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  1. I posted before about my new speedy b 25 empreinte noir...the gold lettering is off center, and the lettering is already rubbing off the clochette. I am not happy with it since it's not centered and I don't know if I should keep trying to find one that is perfect, or if I should forget it since the letters may rub off over time. I do like the fact that the speedy is small and looks so classy, and I do like the option of a cross body bag. I do worry that I may not be able to fit all my stuff inside.

    I currently have these bags:
    DE Speedy 30
    Mono Artsy
    DA Neverfull MM
    Mono Speedy 30
    Mono Pochette
    Mono Neverfull GM

    So I am having trouble deciding if I should keep searching for a perfect speedy b empreinte and hope the letters don't rub off, or exchange it for the empreinte Artsy in noir, or the empreinte Bagatelle in noir. Monogram is my absolute favorite and the Artsy is my favorite bag ever. I don't know if I should stick with something canvas or try the empreinte. I don't want to have to baby it too much. I like with the Bagatelle that you can carry it cross body, but I'm just not sure about the pockets. I am currently out of town and I don't have an LV near me at home so I need to decide asap. Please help! Share your thoughts with me please!
  2. sorry...just read your text not perfectly :whut:
    When you love artsy, take empr. But I read it is heavy. So I don´t know if it is a problem for y or not.
  3. I'm not worried about the weight. I have been thinking the empreinte artsy, but do I want the same bag or branch out and get a different style?
  4. Yes, why not? When you love it. I find canvas and leather are very different. You know it only when one has tried it.;)
  5. I tried it on, but I think I'm actually leaning towards the Bagatelle since the bottom doesn't stick out as much.
  6. My vote goes towards the Bagatelle, since that bag is unlike anything you have, it's Empreinte and beautiful! I don't own one, but I enjoy staring at it.
  7. I vote Bagatelle. It's a beautiful bag and it can be worn several different ways.
  8. Me too, I vote for bagatelle. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect speedy b 25. I bet every single one will have some sort of imperfection. That's what I dread about buying a new bag. There's so much pressure to inspect it at the store! And, you already have an artsy. Go for something different!
  9. Thank you! It will be the bagatelle 100%. I will hopefully be able to go tomorrow evening to exchange. If they only have the display model should I just order it from the website or take that one? I'm going to get noir, I'm nervous about the lighter color. Thank you all!
  10. That's a tough question. I used to think that ordering from the website meant I was guaranteed a pristine bag, but I think some people have experienced otherwise. But, Since you mentioned you don't live near a store, if they only have the display, I would check it very carefully and Only If there are no huge imperfections I would take it. Because if you order one and it turns out to have problems it's a hassle to send back. Normally I wouldn't take the display, but I've had to on a couple of occasions after inspecting them carefully. And honestly, after using it a while, I forget it was a display! But hopefully there will be a new one you can choose from, that's never been touched. If not though, taking the display is not a bad thing instead of risking a bad one through the website.
  11. They don't have it, and they only had one. We just called the store. I guess I have to order it now. I wanted instant gratification!!! I haven't had time to read much about the bags, anyone know of any problems?
  12. I wanted to add I have had many issues ordering from the website, but hopefully it will work out. I will keep ya updated! I'll be ordering soon, I'm out of town for 5 more days.
  13. Going to pick up the Bagatelle now! I hope they still have it.
  14. Hope it's perfect for you. Good luck with the Bagatelle!
  15. Thank you, it's perfect!
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